Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday evening and a bit of me

I have so enjoyed reading your blogs and the comments you all leave on mine. It is so inspirational ! I have spent the day working on yet more postcards and I have finished the arty meme work - five parcels are packed but I am still missing two addresses.

Some of you show pics of your homes etc so tonight I have decided to share a little insight into my space. I have a small (modern but cute) three storey town house on the edge of a countryside town in the heart of Wiltshire. The view out of my kitchen window is of the roundabout !! - Left photo - Great !! what a view - lots of traffic - but the view from my bedroom two floors above the kitchen is a little better - the hills are awesome- watching the seasons change every day is just lovely.

Left ..... The hills to the right of the my house and the roundabout.......................

Also on the ground floor I have a workroom/studio, generally messy me space. It's 15ft x 9 ft and has a window and patio doors that look out onto my small back garden. (I'll show you the garden in spring/summer when the weather is better and the garden is pretty). The 15ft is the whole width of my house. As my space is so full of stuff it's not easy to take pictures. - I can't get into any corner as you will see.

Here goes......

You can see where I have joined two photos together but you get the idea - that back wall is the 9ft width of the room and you can see the curtain over the patio door on the left (15ft wall) and the internal door on the right.

The other end of the room is much harder to show so it's three pics. I was standing (left pic) by the patio door, (middle and right pics) by the internal door.

See I said my room was messy!! I work best in a mess!! If you look carefully at this left picture you can make out my Stay - (it only laces at the back so it is not a Pair of Stays!). This was my latest piece of work for college. I used an 18th Century pattern - I created the fabric using modern computer design work based on Egyptian art and put the Stay together using my computerised sewing machine (middle photo) ! How's that for a mixture of ideas!!!! If you'd like to see more I may post up better pictures of the Stay tomorrow.


Helen in the UK said...

It is wonderful to have your own room isn't it. Thanks for sharing :)

arlee said...

Nice to see that not everyone believes a pristine organized workspace makes you more of an artist! looks like mine too! :}

Kim said...

Love your studio space - it seems to have just the right amount of controlled chaos!

Angelcat said...

Hey I think I know where you are now, I'm pretty sure I've driven round that roundabout before, lol. ok so I don't actually recognise the roundabout but as you don't live too far away it's not beyond the realms of possibility that I may have driven round it :)

Suzie Q said...

Oh Anna, I love this post! So reassuring to know that there are others like me, who just can't live in pristine conditions! ;) Your workspace looks like heaven to me. A wonderful haven of creativity!

Sue x