Sunday, July 19, 2015


OK - so I have not been in the best place recently, but I have just had the most enjoyable week with my textile friends (Tx.tiles 21) at Kingcombe.  The new studio is brilliant, light, bright and when the doors are open if feels like you are working outside.  I took stuff to finish - so I completed the Steampunk Jacket, mounted and backed the Purple Arches, stitched another picture (this time a copy of a piece by an artist whose name I cannot remember - sorry), worked out the colour/fabric creation for my next jacket - which is going to be part of an exhibition in 2017, and finally started another Sam Toft picture.  Below are some photos (some taken when I got home):
The rest of Tx.tiles 21 in the new Studio..

The Jacket complete

 The newest thread painting - my stitching is the bottom one :-)
The Arches completed and mounted on the board which I cut myself :-) - I am calling this piece The Kingcombe Arches, as I started the piece at Kingcombe last July and completed it there this July.

 Hanging in my bedroom - looks a bit small on its own - so will have to do some more !

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dupion silk for sale -

Collection of Dupion silk pieces For Sale - £50 for the lot - includes postage  to UK - if you are overseas postage will be added !
pm me if interested

Fuscia – 106 x 78 has a piece cut out with slight rip on one side
Purple/Blue 96 x 45
Turquoise 65 x 43 and 88 x 45
Scarlet 110 x037
Gold shot with lilac 110 x 20 and 128 x 20
Blue shot with green 140 x 50
Rust brown 115 x 88
Bright Green 110 x 61
Gold 55 x 40

plus a Pile of large scrap pieces – various sizes all very usable

some are not easy to photograph esp the shot ones.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

WOW - I'm here

What a great way to extend a birthday - first a fantastic weekend in Paris with my son - see last post, and then a brilliant day in London at the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A and a trip to Harrods with my daughter!!

Link to exhibition is here (as photography was not allowed)

Sorry it's been a while since I last wrote but I have not been in the best place.  Today it's hair cut followed by sewing again!! Whoop Whoop - show you later.

Oh - and I wanted to show you the recent 'creativity' - in my garden I have a bench, 2 chairs and a table that over the many years the wood has started to rot - so I have restored them!!  With the help of my daughter's fiancée - he cut off the old rusted bolt. I then used the old wood from the bench to mend the table, the old wood from the table to mend a chair and bought new wood for the bench - all wonderfully restored again for another few years !!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

can you guess where I have been?

Guess where I have been - with my son, for the most amazing weekend...............

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sketchbook - clemitis update and stamp

So here are the Clematis pictures and the new stamp tested..

 What do you think??

Stamp update

Replaced the 'failure' stamps with two new ones.  One still needs to dry before testing.  The one below is made from scrap foam from cutting out cogs using the big shot and I think it looks OK over a 'failure' print too!

Sketchbook - Clematis - day 3

OK so yesterday's pages lacked background leaves. So I made a stamp from a leave taken from the garden and a) over stamped some of the pages - will need to add the flowers again and b) stamped on some freshly painted pages:..

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sketchbook - Clematis update

So I gave up waiting and started printing with both white paint and gesso for texture on one sketchbook and also on some loose pages.  Also on the first page I showed you yesterday (middle right) I lightly brushed the white flowers with some Neocolor II water soluble crayons in pale pink and then wet it slightly, before adding more gesso white flowers.  I have yet to colour the other sheets, fill in some of the backing and making the flower centres.  Not sure how these will be done yet.

How do I learn patience ?

I am sorry I have not written for so long but I have not been well and when I got better and went back to work I have been so tired each evening that I have not wanted to do any art work.
I have wanted, as many of you know, to work in my sketchbooks more but I have absolutely no patience - how do I learn patience?  For example the Clematis (Montana) in my garden has been stunning for a while now - I have taken loads of photos and decided that I wanted to do something artistic in my sketchbooks - I painted some pages green (in two books) and today I made a stamp by drawing around a print of one of my photos.  However  !!!!!  when I printed the stamp I realised that the page is not a dark enough green - so I have repainted the pages - NOW I have to wait -  Don't tell me to dry the pages with a hair dryer because I am using plastic wrap to create texture on the page. So I will have to wait until either later or tomorrow - will I still want to do the idea then?? (I know my Montana is pale pink  and I used white paint - I will try again with pinkish paint when the darker green is dry).

So whilst waiting for paint to dry :-)  I have tried out some 'texture' stamps I made a few weeks ago - you see I have been reading about people using texture stamps and stencils in their sketchbooks and at present I can't a) afford and b) find, nice texture stamps so I made some of my own.   Here are the test pages -
Some worked really well.

this one worked very well and was interesting as thick texture and fine texture (love it) .....
 Two did not work - I may scrap them.

 Whilst still waiting for paint to dry I may look for other stuff to make more texture stamps - these are fun!!

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Still sick but up and stuff to show you

Been signed off work for yet another week - having no immune system means that this viral chest infection is going to be here for a long while.  I hope to be well enough to go back to work on 11th May.

I am out of bed now and although coughing loads every time I move or speak I am able to sit very still in the workroom :-) - I did also step into the garden - find fresh air does help. So here are photos.

I have done three journal pages - they are a bit similar - same colour and same techniques but I hope to get a bit more adventurous.
Not sure why the photos sideways on when they are saved the right way up !
Left is my old A4 recycled diary sketchbook, right here is my new A5 landscape sketchbook

here is my other A4 sketchbook 

The garden looks lovely and spring/summer like. The Iris are looking good - fallen over so I have staked them.  

Most are very dark but in the corner there is a pale one !
 Then the Clematis Montana has gone absolutely mad on the fence and the one on the wall opposite is a double one.

And finally my pot apple tree - I hope that each of these blossoms will become an apple - here's hoping