Thursday, April 10, 2014

Latest Creativity

I had lost my mojo recently - I have not been well and then I have still not got a good diagnosis - but never mind.

I have recently made the baby dresses below - I have sold a couple already!! The purple one is reversible and has two pairs of matching knickers - the photo does not show the colour properly so I took a picture of a different fabric of the same colour.

Saturday, March 01, 2014


Oh - and I bought masks........

For some reason the photos don't really show just how purple these all are!!

Carnevale - Venice 2014

Just back from 4 of the sunniest, warmest, most amazing, fantastic, awesome and very inspirational days at Carnevale in Venice!!  I took 1233 photos of costumes and buildings but I won't bore you with them here just a small sample to illustrate the amazing, the weird, the animals both costume and real and the oh so cute:

Sunday, February 02, 2014

A birthday present

I showed my Three Kings - Zentangle piece to some of my work colleagues - those who understand the odd creative textile things I do.  One said I should do other pieces - not seasonal.  She likes Poppies and her birthday is on Tuesday so today I have created this....

It is A5 in size and I a stretching it to a small canvas - hope she likes it.

Oh -  and this is the rainbow over my house on Friday..... sorry its at an odd angle but I was leaning out of the window ad if you look carefully you can see it is actually double - from the bottom right corner of the photo is the second layer

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Three Kings 1 - Zentangle - Complete

The first of my Three Kings projects is finished - well up to the point of all the stitching is complete - now  I need to decide if I mount it on a canvas or turn it into a quilt - any suggestions?  The full piece and a couple of close up photos.  By the size - from base of stitching to top of stitching it measures 40 cm (16 inches).

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Alice in Wonderland - White Rabbit

Just realised that I have not shown you the completed White Rabbit and his Pocket Watch from my Alice in Wonderland series... I finally found a way to stand the pieces up - they are on a tissue paper covered pizza box :-)
 Watch open
 Taken again with a pen in front to give you an idea of the scale of this piece.

Beginning to feel better and Three Kings Update

So at long last I am beginning to feel better - am learning to breath through the stomach pain rather than taking meds and have adjusted the food I eat, therefore I think I am getting there.  Some days I wake up feeling horrid but there are the occasional days, like today, when I wake up feeling OK. On days like today I actually feel like being creative so moving on here is an update on the Three Kings - the first one is well in progress - free machine stitching is so relaxing and absorbing - like doing the zentangles I love so much.....

Today I also started planning and working on Three Kings 2 - it is much larger - as you can see from my trainers and the pen.  So far I have traced out the design onto Bondaweb and have a lovely stack of silk fabric - I was given this heap by a friend emptying her studio and the pieces have been sitting in my workroom for years waiting for just such a project.  I think it will just be bonded applique but am not sure what will happen next - How I will stitch it - Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Update:  Fabric pieces cut out...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Three Kings Update

So I have made a little progress on the first of my Three Kings Project, but before I show you that - once I mentioned to a friend that I am collecting Three Kings cards she found hers from this Christmas together with a couple of other cards I think I would like to translate......

So the first translation - I have redrawn the card, Zentangled it

 and have started a Free Machine version... not sure how I will add the gold highlights I added to my drawing.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Starting Yet Another Project

Whilst today is a good stomach day (fingers crossed it lasts) I have actually decided on yet another new project!!  This year I received some more rather lovely Christmas cards of The Three Wise Men  - I now have quite a collection - so -  I think they need to be translated - don't you ?!! -

OK so January is a bit of an odd time of year to start work on a Christmas Theme but at least I am 'doing' something!!


UPDATE;  So still 'ill' but the good news is having now lost nearly 1.5 stone - I needed to get some new work trousers today - my normal size 18 kept falling down  - today I purchased a pair of SIZE 14 - YES Size 14 trousers - whoop whoop!!

Thought I would also share a couple of sweet photos with you.  I looked after Rocky over new year - when I had my lovely new fire on - with just the lights (for a cosy room effect) he ignored it

but when I had the heat on - to start with he lay in front of it and then tried to get as close as possible!! (see below) - it got to the point that I had to keep the fire off :-)