Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pfaff 2144 (internally upgraded to 2170) FOR SALE

I have not used my Pfaff machine now  since 2012 so it is sitting here (in its case) - what a terrible waste - I would like to sell it and allow someone else the pleasure of using this fantastic machine.

I will sell it for £2,000 (considering I purchased it for £4,000 - that's a bargain) - I would like cash and as its heavy it would need to be collected but I would consider driving maybe half way to pass it on to a new owner.

The machine was a 2144 (that's what the front label says) but it was upgraded by Pfaff internally to a 2170. This is a 'stock' photo of the machine from when I purchased it.

It includes the machine embroidery computer unit - which I only used a couple of times - I prefer to make each piece individually (as you have been reading recently :-))

 The creative sensation!
An exceptional sewing and embroidery machine with a large colour touch screen, the creative 2144/2170 has the ultimate sewing and embroidery features, plus it's so easy to use. You can create colourful embroideries up to 250 x 225 mm (10 x 9 inch). 
  • Basting function – stabilizes knits and embroidery designs of all sizes.
  • Customizable on screen editing
  • Programmable needle up or down stop
  • Ability to sew with one, two or three needles
  • Automatic tapering
  • Buttonhole sensormatic guarantees perfect buttonholes each and every time
  • Bobbin sensor lets users know when the bobbin thread is low
  • Separate bobbin winding motor allows users to wind bobbins while sewing or embroidering
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Personal menu allows the user to store stitch settings to be recalled on demand for future use
  • Pfaff Creative Assistant
  • 19 different needle positions
·         Sensormatic buttonhole
·         Standard buttonhole
·         Darning
·         Roll hem
·         Zipper and edge
·         Blind hem and overlock
·         Embroidery
·         Fancy stitch [2]
·         Standard zigzag
·         Edge guide
·         Seam ripper
·         Lint brush
·         Bobbins [4]
·         Bulb remover/needle plate change tool
·         Knee lift
·         Stitch card
·         Stylus
·         File assistant – to facilitate downloading designs from the internet
·         Embroidery unit
·         Embroidery hoops and template
·         Creative fancy embroidery foot and creative card
·         Creative assistant
·         Computer connection cables
·         Moulded plastic dust cover
The Pfaff 2144 is one of the first available sewing machines for home use equipped with a full colour LCD touch screen.
The next thing that catches your eye is the knee lift which allows you to lift the presser foot without taking your hands off of your sewing project.
Finally, Pfaff patented IDF – Integrated Differential Feed – and a series of buttons that control the needle stop position, the reverse stitch, and on board thread cutter.
When it comes to features, the Pfaff Creative 2144 is loaded. Starting with the exclusive Pfaff IDF and moving up to the automatic needle threader, the list of standard features available on this sewing, quilting and embroidery machine is quite lengthy:
·         285 stitches including eight alphanumeric fonts; 20 cross stitches and 10 different buttonholes
·         Ability to sew text in straight, arched or ‘s’ curved style.
·         IDF – Integrated Differential Feed – Pfaff’s exclusive system that feeds thick layers of fabric evenly and smoothly, preventing bunching, binding and slipping.
·         Internet updates – the people at Pfaff are constantly upgrading their embroidery systems and owners of the Pfaff Creative 2144 have constant access to those updates.
·         The Pfaff comes with: Toolbox, which contains five instructional DVDs; special appliqué presser feet; appliqué patterns; instructions and suggestions
·    ·         10 presser feet

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Posting early to make sure the blog world sees that I am taking part this year...... 2 Bags Full
Hello and Welcome to my blog - my name is ANNA - I am a textile artist in my 'spare' (ha ha) time!!

I live in Wiltshire on my own (my children are grown up) and I work in an office during the week - I use that to fund my textile art - be it materials, courses or visits to exhibitions.

I started stitching as a child (most of us do) with the usual cross stitch etc. In 1990 I took the Open College of Arts Textile 1 course and then found City and Guilds. I have completed  5 City and Guilds courses: Part 1 and Part 2 Embroidery, Surface Decoration, Machine Embroidery and Historic Heirlooms.

Over the years I have made/created lots of different textile items -
I have made:
Dolls, bowls, books, hangings, costumes, bags, scarves, jackets, pictures, quilts, jewellery, - plus lots more in fact - you name it I have made it ! If you look back at this blog you will see a lot of my work and ideas.

To see my costumes - for which I am known at the moment - have a look at the listing on my other blog 'A Body of Work'  (click here).

I have used:
Wool fibres, silk fibres, any variety of fabric, paper, aluminium cans, Tyvek , I have made my own fabrics, plus lots more in fact - you name it I have used it !

I have:
Stencilled, painted, dyed, machined and machine embroidered, melted, burnt, cut, rusted, stamped plus lots more in fact - you name it I have done it !

I have given talks  (most notibly recently I was guest speaker at the West Country Embroiderers AGM in Totnes in October 2014 - that was such fun !) and I teach workshops (would like to teach more). I belong to two groups MEG and Textile 21 - That's seven meetings a year but not enough for me!!  If any of you live in the UK within easy reach of Wiltshire and want to get together to stitch at the weekend please get in touch. I used to stitch with Jane Lemon on Saturdays but sadly she passed away recently.

I write this blog (I have written on and off since 2006) mainly to share what I have done with the world and often to ask for advise, comments and support - we all need constructive criticism - I more than most :-) - I get stuck, as I am now, I lack focus and would appreciate your suggestions. (Sometimes I just grumble about life but I am trying to do that less these days). 

Please leave a comment and I will visit your blog - hopefully we will inspire each other and become friends ! I currently subscribe to 233 blogs via Bloglovin and find all these very inspirational.  Would be happy to read more :-)

Next step - Van Gogh

So  I now have try out yellow sun flower petals (some flat try outs) and some 3D and two blue Iris petals for the 3D flowers:

Back to work

Having spent last weekend tidying up my workspace I did nothing all week (apart from go to work as usual that is) - did a bit of thinking and planning though.

Today it is back to sewing. Did I show you the completed flat Iris: if not here it is...
Next it was time to make up the background of the jacket - thought I would use the blue I had intended to use for the 'Spring' jacket.

And here is the photocopy of the Van Gogh picture I am considering for the Sunflowers - a scale test on the back 
 Next time to consider how I will make the petals.  Appliqué or stitch? Or both..  Hmmmm we will see

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Oh No Not again :-) and update on Iris work

OK so its day three of sorting out stuff:  decided it was time to sort these two areas - the drawers and the bead/button stack - so these:
Became these:
 AND I found I have 24 pairs of scissors in my workroom  and 5 dressmakers tape measurers !  Wonder where they all came from :-)

 Late last night I finished the first 'flat Iris' for the Van Gogh jacket.  The central petal needs to be a little slimmer at the top left,

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Back to work :-)

OK so after the mega tidying session it's time to get back to some art work ;-)

I have dyed some white fabric and lace yellow ready for the sunflowers:

I have now made all the free standing petals for the practice iris - laid down on the desk (pic below) - think it will work.

Today it is the day to start the first of the flat Iris flowers - in the right colours - blue

Friday, January 16, 2015

What is going on??

Looks like a bomb has hit my workroom this morning:

Decided to dispose of some of my stuff - I feel a bit like the TV show 'The Hoarder Nextdoor' !! I have collected so much 'useful' stuff over the years and never used it so today is the day some goes in the bin, some goes to the Charity shop and some goes to the scrap store.

Saturday - update.  So I worked on the workroom from 12 noon yesterday until 5 pm - the room looked like this:

Today from 8 am until now - 14.30 I was at it again.  Took a car very full to the scrapstore (funnily most of it came from there in the first place).  Then two trips to the charity shop.  My wheelie bin for rubbish (which was emptied on thursday) is now full to overflowing as is the cardboard wheelie bin and the black paper recycling box is full and there are bags too !!
the room now looks like this....

I can see the floor again!! - It is a little scary because I hope I don't think in a few days that I have 'binned' something I need. 
I hope Jane won't mind (after all she is somewhere much better and at peace now) but it's partly due to her passing that I have done this too - you see I woke up early Friday morning thinking if any thing happened to me, my family would have a ton of rubbish to dispose of so it is a little better now :-) 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Project

I have found it difficult to do any artwork over the last few days - you see I was hoping to see Jane yesterday.   I know she would want me to get on with my work - so after my morning walk this morning I made some notes (yes I made notes), I plan on doing some stitching this afternoon but before lunch I proceeded to make a quick card project - maybe to sell for Valentines day.    So I did this..................................................................................... and cut these

Then I made this.............................  and ended up with these 

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Jane Lemon - RIP

It is with extreme sadness that i write this post as my very dear friend Jane Lemon died yesterday - I saw Jane most weekends to stitch at her home and will miss her terribly.  She was so inspirational, caring, generous and a real talent.