Sunday, March 08, 2015

Today - monoprinting

When I woke it was a lovely bright sunny morning - so I went for a walk at 7.30 am and collected some interesting stuff.

When I got home I did some charcoal rubbings and then some mono printing  and press printing - the kitchen was full of paper and paint

- some of it was successful, some not :-)

Below are a few pages from the book we worked on last week.  I had cut some pages and started some charcoal work. The first picture on the left is at class  - the rest are from today where I had carried working on the pages and the pages opened to look 3D.  The last one on the bottom right is what appeared on the following page.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Course last day and inspiration

I had a brilliant last day on the three day Sketchbook course with Dawn. It is sad that the course is over - would have liked it to keep going ! When I got home I spent £75 on sketchbooks (online) I hope I get into using them :-).

Amongst other things on the day we did some mono printing, which I have not done for year and years. I tried to be a bit more focused on a couple of these but I have a lovely set of pieces (they don't scan very well !).  I have become inspired with these scans and have some ideas in mind but I want to keep them secret at the moment in case I don't get anywhere.
You see I have completely lost interest in the Van Gogh jacket for the moment and I want to try something else for a while.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Today's projects

Today's projects whilst feeling really rough...

Turned these two photocopies into
 this page - not sure it is any better than the photocopies ;-)
Then a quick machine 'drawing' for my Mother's Day Card ...
Am also having doubts about the Van Gogh Jacket - I keep thinking I could turn the pieces I am making so far into some sort of hanging or panel instead but the ideas have just dried up - probably due to the fact that my head is so full of fungus.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sketchbook day 2 and sick

To   start - sorry I am suffering :-( - I have managed to pick up my first virus for years - I have ''flu". I know it's because I am on immune suppressants and cant take any meds to help get rid of this horrid cold.

Still  I managed to get to the second day of the Sketchbook course with Dawn and again it was brilliant, despite just starting to feel rough. Before I went I did another concertina page in my tiny book - I found this lovely picture - a butter advert (sorry I had started to cut it up before I decided to take the picture) -                                           I then used the technique Dawn taught and created this...

Below are two pages from my sketchbook- made on Thursday with Dawn - the first was done using a photocopy of my favourite ceiling - it was such fun extending the work - love it !
 The second piece is a textural interpretation of another favourite picture - it's OK but I need to try more to get really comfortable with the technique.
 I would strongly recommend the course with Dawn and the WSTA in general for some great sounding courses.  I am looking forward to day 3 and doing more courses with Dawn in the future.

Now back to bed with a hot water bottle and large drink !

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sorry its been so long :-)

I have been so very tired recently - hence not posting.  Work has been busy and I have worked late.  The only fun thing recently was two weeks ago when I attended the first day of a three day course (over a few weeks) on Sketchbooks.  It is run by WSTA (Windsor School of Textile Art) - my tutor for this course is Dawn Thorne. We spent a really enjoyable day loosening up our sketchbook skills and I came away with a few nice pieces.
  In the pic below my piece is the small one at the bottom

I have since done two of the exercises again - one is here - they are fun to do

I am looking forward to day two which is this week.

Hopefully I will perk up again after that.

For now I am back to stitching Iris petals ;-)

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Goodbye Jane and help needed urgently please

On a beautiful sunny day - yesterday -  we said goodbye to a very very dear and much loved friend Jane Lemon. Charlie's eulogy really summed her up, made us smile and I am sure she would have approved. To finish with Dvozak's Humouresque No7 was such a lovely way to remember her. May she rest in peace x

Can you help me?  I have a couple of these bobbin holders -
One has gone a little slack - someone told me that you can do something to tighten the up again - but I can't remember - is it immerse in hot water?

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

Have been home for two days sick - and this is the first time I have decided to do something - still in bed though :-)
Thought I would show you the bits I did over last weekend.  I put together the practice 3D Iris (the purple one) to see if it would work - just needs the stem and bits. Had to stand the flower on the top of my glue stick before I make a stem ;-)

 Looked better in the box when I put it away to be safe - looks like one of those flower shop deliveries.

Then I made thread only petals:
Lots of them