Sunday, January 07, 2007

Day 6 and prep for the next 9

Day 6 postcard is shown on the right. It's a simple heart design. I followed a photo of a very similar design I sent on to a member of one of the many yahoo groups I belong to. I had some 'ingredients' left and like to use them up so made this one last night.

Over the next 9 days you will see postcards that look very similar to each other - yes a series - I made this piece of felt (below) incorporating other fabrics on a course about 2 years ago and the piece has been hanging around for ages. It was going to be a hanging but I have disliked it for ages.

So I stitched into it and then dyed it over New Year - I don't really like the resulting colour, it went a bit pastel with greyish tones so I have cut it up into 9 postcard sized pieces and over the next 9 days will do stuff with each. One card size piece does actually look quite nice as it is so that may turn out to be the first of 9. When they are successful in my eyes they will be used for a couple of swaps I'm in - definitely for the 'texture' swap - they even come under the 'recycle' theme too! So watch out those of you who are in these swaps (you know who you are!) you'll see the piece here first.

I am asking this question on some of the groups I belong to - just to confirm in my own mind how I should post postcards. Can I send them 'in the nude' ie not in an envelope, not in a clear plastic/cellophane sleeve to everywhere, UK, Europe, Australia and USA/Canada? Our local post office does not know what 'hand cancelling' is.
So far I have just written on the postcard, added the appropriate weight/size postage and popped them into the local letter box and kept my fingers crossed. Any advise??


Carol said...

I have posted my cards both in the nude as you put it and in the clear envelopes. If you put them in the envelopes you need the sticker style stamps. I put things that have a lot of embellishment and beads in envelopes as they have less chance of being broken off. Mine don't know what hand cancelling is either so I jsut post them and they have always got there. Also the postage for the US is 50p, one post office keeps charging me 72p and this is not needed as this is for large letter. Hope this helps. oh and if there are breakable bits on it mark it fragile as they sometimes try to put it through the sorting machine.

Dianne said...

Hi Anna, you are doing so well with a postcard a day - and they all look wonderful!! I am excited about my fairy postcards - I LOVE fairies!! I like the pastel colour of your felt!!! As for posting the cards to Australia, I have received them in the nude, and they have arrived just fine!!

MargaretR said...

I love your postcards Anna. You are obviously going full swing. Well done.