Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not Quite On the Up

....... but making progress. Yesterday I went to the two exhibitions as I had promised myself. If you live in South West UK you MUST go to the Peacock Gallery, Upton House to see the exhibition by Wessex Textile Artists - it is just awesome. I took loads of photos (just for my own reference - I did ask permission from Carla who was stewarding, there were no notices and Carla was not sure so she made a note - not sure if I can post any here) and made loads of notes. It's on until 10th Oct so there is still time.
I also had a lovely chat with two artists there - Carla and Carol. Came away feeling better and inspired.

From there I went on to the Artium Gallery, at Bournemouth Uni, to see the work of Yvonne Morton (she has two pieces in the above exhibition as well). This was another fantastic exhibition and is open until 29th Sept.

I may start working on a couple of ideas - but do still feel 'not right'. I was chatting to a friend the other day about the feeling that when you are in full creative production all your 'friends' are interested and encouraging - they can't get enough of you, but when you are feeling low and not creating much - they abandon you. Thinking about it, whilst checking on my rust dyeing early this morning.... I thought how true that is!


fiona d said...

I'm glad you got to the exhibitions - and that they were so good. I often don't get round to going to nearby exhibitions and there aren't too many near me so I should make the effort.
I suppose people don't always know what to say to show support and this is harder online where the things one might say can sound like platitudes without the body language you can share face to face.
One thing I learned this last year that has helped me a lot is that motivation follows action, not the other way around. I struggle terribly with lack of motivation because of depression, but I have found it is true that if I can bring myself to start something - anything - I do begin to get involved with it. If I let the lack of desire to begin stop me from beginning, nothing changes.
hugs, Fiona

Angelcat said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are still not feeling yourself, maybe your new course will get you feeling inspired again. (Thanks for all the info and help by the way, I decided not to go for the machine embroidery class this time round but only because I realised the final date clashes with my Sis's wedding).
I'm sure you haven't been abandoned as Fiona said sometimes it's just more difficult to know what to say when someone is not feeling like themselves.

margaret said...

Here's another voice saying that getting started on something is what's going to get you going again. The rust piece is lovely!
You asked on my blog about ideas for something better than small erasers - how about styrofoam meat trays - they can be cut into squares and embossed with various things, then glued onto a block of wood for stamping. Also, thin firm foam.

Nikki said...

I'm still checking up on you. Sorry if I don't always have a chance to comment. But do know that I'm here.