Saturday, April 19, 2008


I know I have not written for a long time now. I'm honest enough to say I have not felt like keeping in touch! I am now ready to come back.

The boring bit.... Mum... she was transferred to the 'local' hospital The Great Western on 12th March - she was meant to be there just for a day or two!!! She had several UTI's and long spells of major confusion - the hospital were all for sending her to a home as a sufferer of dementure - until I made a major fuss for them to re scan her brain - although she was very very confused, doing and saying some of the strangest of things (v. upsetting) I knew she could not have become demented so fast!! They finally agreed to a scan earlier this week. The result - fluid build up on the brain !!! See I knew it would be something other than a UTI!! She was transferred back to the John Radcliffe Hospital last night and will have surgery today sometime. They hope to put in a shunt (?) some sort of drainage from brain to stomach to naturally remove the fluid. I'm hoping that she comes back a little better. Much as I love her I sure disliked my mother when she was well and I am not prepared to have her hidden away and ignored. I want her back the way she was so I can continue to dislike and disagree with her !!!

Nicer bit ....... my baby was 21 on Thursday 17th April. She is here on the right with her 23 year old brother!!I took her out to dinner and she had a party last night (I was not invited!! THANKFULLY)!! For the last 19 out of her 21 years I have made her a Harriet Hedgehog birthday cake and still had to take one this time! Only to make her laugh instead of using only chocolate buttons for the spines I added about 12 white chocolate buttons - after all when you get this old you do have grey hairs !!! (We did take a photo but it's till on the camera with her so I will show you another day!) Have just spoken to my baby a few minutes ago - she has the worst every headache!!! but she did have a great time!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love!

OK the interesting bit (??) Textile art ...... Well I have been working on my first assessment piece for the HH course. I'm not showing you it yet - but here is a close up to tease you!! I have a couple of minor projects on the desk at this time too but I will show you them as soon as I get going!!
It's good to be back and feeling less guilty!!


Quilt Pixie said...

you must be so exhausted emotionally! Glad you were able to advocate strongly enough for your mom, and hopefully this surgery will make a major difference.... Hope you continue to keep your fingers active and that that provides some stress relief for you.

Meg in Albuquerque said...

I'm glad that you forced the hospital to do something. These days, everyone needs someone who loves them to make sure they get the care they need. I did the same for my father last year, spent 5 weeks with him while he was in the hospital, I loved him but didn't like him either. Our relationship has changed quite a bit since then, he learned who I was, not who he thought I was when I was 18.
My brother also spent a lot of time with him when he was in rehab, and I'm gald to say, their relationship has also changed quite a bit. We were all blessed in these changes. Although I have no idea of your history with your Mom, I hope this experence will help you and your mother. If not, it is still wonderful what you have done for her.

Julie said...

Well done for your persistence and insistence with your Mum. I hope things went well today. You have a lot to deal with just now but it's good to see you back in blogland again. Take care.

JOhn said...

Thanks for keeping the blog going. I am glad you can share your life with us. John's Mum has been going through similar life stages (she has parkinson's disease which + infections causes very sad, strange, behaviour which we are all learning about. Hard times, but with support and a lot of your inner strength you are getting through it. Love to Emma on her 21st opportunity for a hedgehog! Thinking of you... Karin
PS - for some reason blogger seems to think I have a gmail account!! maybe I do??

English Rose said...

hang in there Anna. you must be feeling emotionally wrung out, but you did good in pushing the hospital to rescan your ma, and I know just what you mean with the love/dislike feelings. but you are also blessed with 2 wonderful kids, glad your daughter had a fab 21st, good idea not to be involved with the party, sounds like you had a great time tho. it's good too that you are still able to be creative - keep it up.

Jacquelines blog said...

Good to have you back Anna, the piece for HH is gorgeous!