Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fell off the planet

OK - so things have hit home in the last couple of days. It's not easy leaving somewhere where you have had fun for 6.5 years. I woke early Thursday and Friday as usual only with that hollow feeling. I have had so many phone calls, texts and cards from the friends I was unable to say goodbye to. I even had a lovely bouquet and thank you card from my 'greatest achievement' - my office junior. I took her on 18 months ago as a stroppy, sulky 18 year old, who had dropped out of school at 16 and had been working as a cleaner. I could see potential and practically forced the firm to listen to me.. now at 19 she is the most valuable person that firm has - I mentored, trained and put her through typing courses and she blossomed - I am very proud of Stacey!!
I have been applying for jobs and had an interview with an agency on Friday. In fact it turned into two interviews - the second was with the owner of the firm as he is looking for staff and the first interviewer thought I might be what they were looking for. After a couple of gruelling hours - the questions were very hard... I left there absolutely exhausted. Being the usual pessimist I am not holding my breath over this position.
Two questions I was asked which I found tough...

1) put the following three items in priority order and explain why - a) organisation b) a sense of urgency and c) attention to detail.
2) what would you be bringing to the firm.
Having a chat with my son today he said why not take a career change - the more I think about it the harder I find to think of what I could do other than that which I am used to and did in my role - Office Administration and HR/Personnel. I guess some form of training - I can run workshops after all, but how do you get a job in training?
Any way lets change the subject before I cry again....recently I purchased two brilliant workbooks by Laura Carter Woods. The details say you can write directly in the workbooks but I decided to make lots of notes elsewhere. I am now ready to pass them on - I paid $51 which equates to £25. (as they had to be shipped from USA) . If anyone wants the two for £15 including the postage please let me know. SOLD

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Julie said...

The flowers are beautiful Anna and you should be very proud of yourself for the qualities you brought out in your office junior. Think positive. Anyone who recognises your own ability will not let you pass by.

Sorry I missed those books. They look fascinating.

Fiona said...

I totally understand your feelings suddenly leaving a place you enjoyed working. I was made redundant in 2002 and was marched out the building. I was very disappointed I didn't get a leaving card and present and night out, like other people had before me!!! lol. so, your bouquet is gorgeous and if it is the result of your mentoring skills you should consider a career in coaching/HR/skills training. can you email me your postal address.. I have a book you might find helpful...

Lynne said...

I hope things improve for you soon. I've just managed to avoid being made redundant after having it hanging over me for over 6 months so I know how gut-wrenching the whole experience is. Good luck for the future.