Sunday, July 20, 2008

SALE - Part 3

Today we have a variety of stamp sets on offer: Some of these items are slightly heavier than the threads etc so I'm afraid there is a contribution towards postage included in the price, but we feel you still get a good bargain. (There will have to be additional postage for International - we only judged UK).

Finishing Accents including the 4 colour stamp pad - all unused. These are small rubber stamps on a foam base - face of stamp measures just under 1.5cm. Sale price £4
These two sets are heavy and are from Hero Arts (although there is nothing on the case) - they come in a hard plastic case and T has the receipt from Hobbycraft as £25 per set!!!!!!!!!!! The stamp faces measure just under 2cm square. On sale here for £11 each set (including postage).

Set 1 Typeface -This set is completely unused -Set 2 Handwriting uppercase - 4 stamps have been used in this set - wonder what for ??? they were the A, L, X and the flower!! Intriguing!!
Clealy Wordswoth clear stamps that you fix to an acrylic block (not included). This pack contains 12 stamps. These are simply to use, gently peel clear stamps from carrier, position and press onto acrylic handle/block. These are great stamps as you can see where you are stamping, no more guessing! Super for card making, scrapbooking or any craft project. Pack size is approx. 12cm x 20.5cm Each pack has a recommended retail price of £8.99 These are unused and on Sale for £4.50 each pack including postage.

Pack 1 - Xmas 1 Pack 2 - Xmas 2 Pack 3 - Vacation A set of All Night Media wooden blocks - about 5 of these have been used once. The block face measures approx 1cm square and they are 4.5cm tall for holding. The box says they come with an ink pad but we could not find that anywhere. The set usually retails at £15 (we found them in a local garden centre craft shop!) Here on Sale for £8 including postage.
Two sets of See -D's Re-usable alphabet stamps. Again about 5 letters have been used but they were not stuck onto anything in use so are def usable. Also there are spare sticky pads. See D's ready-to-cling stamps attach quickly and easily to the See Clear Acrylic block. (not included) Once the ready-to-cling stamp is attached, the See Clear block allows you to see where you are stamping and the design printed on the back of the ready-to-cling stamp allows you to see what you are stamping. They come in a neat CD type case. I paid £8 for each but will part with them for £4 each set including postage.

Plain Jane has 30 stamps and Freeform has 32 stamps. A pack of Clear choice '73 Ransom alphabet Stamps' (Acrylic block is needed to use these) again only a couple have been used. Decorate Scrapbook Pages, make your own greeting cards, or customize virtually any surface with these Clear Choice™ Stamps. Use individually or combine designs on the clear acetate stamping block for your own creative touch.
Easy to use in just 3 easy steps!
Remove stamps from acetate sheet and arrange on clear Choice™ Acrylic Stamping Block.
Apply in and begin stamping
Remove stamps from the acrylic stamping block with soap and water. Let dry and return to acetate sheet for storage.
Recommended price is £9.99 but you can have this pack for £5 including postage.
A set of Creative Imaginations - Hipster Lowercase alphabet - Wood handle alphabet stamps. 28 stamps in total.Each stamp measures approx. 1.8 cms. T bought them for £19.80 (wow) and has only used the 'x' !!! These are so cute I wish I had something to stamp them on ! On sale here for £10 including postage

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