Sunday, January 04, 2009

I've Done Something Today

Hooray!! I have actually been creative today!! Two things actually but they are only small.
The first is A6 in size and is a cover for my diary. As in the diary in which I write about my day - not my appointment diary (which I carry in my handbag) and not my so called journal of which I now have several in my studio. When I was little I had been given a five year diary which I loved, then through teenage years and the first few years of married life I gave up writing about my days. In 1995 (I think it was) my son (then aged 10) gave me a small A6 notebook as a gift for Christmas suggesting that I start to write again. So I did and I kept writing in various sized notebooks. In the last year I have started several new notebooks - written a few pages, torn them out and found a new notebook - I think it was because 2008 was such a difficult year for me I could not settle. I can't join the pages together because I have kept a couple of the notebooks just not written in them and the last one is definitely not suitable to take apart.
Anyway on 30th December whilst sorting out some stuff in my workroom I found an A6 notebook which had actually belonged to my son (it has his name of the front) with only a few pages missing - I think it may have been a prep notebook at some point in his schooling. The policy in this house is you never throw anything away so I guess I was given the part used notebook to use for shopping lists or similar. I had one of those Ah Ha moments. It was as if my son was with me (I had actually just dropped him and his girlfriend off at the station). I knew this was the new diary for 2009!! The one which will be filled with my days and will help me sort myself out!!
Today I made it a cover to keep it special. I used more of the scraps from my Klimt bodice. Here it is - Front and back. The second piece of creativity is also small and will be the giveaway for the OWOH giveaway starting soon. I know it is only simple but it has been made with love! It is a slip cover for a sketchbook only this time it is just 4" square. The fabric was a piece I had been given (can't remember who by) but it was a beautiful red felt chiffon sandwich, left from their project. If it was you who gave it to me THANKS - it has helped me make a small gift for someone else!
The original piece looked like this..... Then I stitched with purple, heated, then gold... then added these and hey presto - one removable slip cover for a tiny sketchbook .......


Julie said...

Well done Anna! They're both beautiful. Btw, I am still using the pouch you sent me ages ago. It used to hold my camera but it now makes a very good holder for my MP3 player, a very convenient way to carry it around. :o)

Genie said...

Happy New Year Anna
lovely work

Talking Horses Arts said...

Love them Anna!
That heating and the gold, it brings it together so beautifully.
The spirals that you added, are they stamped or paper or fabric?

Jacquelines blog said...

Gorgeous work again Anna,as usual. Happy New Year