Friday, February 06, 2009

Lack of Personal Confidence and Textile 21

Firstly thanks for the comments on my previous post (also emails) but I must point out I am NOT on any course at present. The two groups I belong to: Textile 21 and MEG are made up of artists who get together a few times a year to 'do our own thing' but with like minded people - sharing techniques, mini workshop style is part of the remit. We happen to all have connections with Urchfont Manor College and use it as our meeting venue. In July we will have a small exhibition at Urchfont as part of the Open Day so make a note in your diary - its usually the first Sunday of July.
Anyway my lack of Personal Confidence - in fact I feel a bit of a fool (no surprise there) this is not confidence in my creative ability (although that is pretty low too!) but this weather. Normally I have no problem with driving and the weather in general, but today - well I have become the predictable fool!!
As I said before I came home from Urchfont last night - it started snowing very heavily as I drove home (no problem there) and when I got up this morning it was raining so the roads were just slushy. Again No problem - I drove to Urchfont. However after about an hour it started snowing heavily there - this is where the lack of confidence came in..... I love Urchfont and I really wanted to stay with the members of Textile 21 (who have decided to stay on despite the weather) - I would not mind being stuck there but what I am so afraid of is either getting stuck mid way from home or slipping or being involved in some unpleasant car incident - my home is only 10 mins away max!. So I re packed up my stuff and came home. Once home the snowing stopped ! Hence the feeling foolish. What makes it worse is that three times now I have put my stuff back in the car intending to go back to Urchfont and three times I have taken it out of the car as soon as the snow started to fall again!! Why do I have this lack of confidence now?????
So between trips to the car I have spent the day so far sorting out my finances, my daughters finances and cleaning the house - I could have been stitching or drawing with Textile 21!!
What a twit!!


JaneO said...

Hey Anna, don't be so hard on yourself! Think how much more foolish you would feel if you did end up stuck. I am home with the kids today as the schools are all shut, and I couldn't even face a 10 minute drive to the supermarket this morning. We feel a bit silly now as the snow has gone completely, leaving just mud. Loving your stitched zentangles.

Gina said...

Quite understandable Anna. This morning I had to drive three miles to my son's school to pick him up because they decided to close after he had arrived and it took me 40 minuted to get there and back. It was terrifying - far safer to be at home!

Julie said...

I agree, Anna, don't beat yourself up. I've been a chicken all week and stayed home and planned to go out this morning, finally, until it started sleeting again and I ended up waiting till it stopped. There's nothing wrong with a little healthy caution and at least you got the finances sorted. Treat yourself to a "you" day as compensation.

Purple Missus said...

Like a lot of things Anna, I think its an age thing this not wanting to drive in bad weather. You always think that you will never join that mindset but it just creeps up on you. Not helped by men expecting you to be like it either. I rang work on Monday to ask what the roads were like over that way as they weren't too good here and its a 35 min journey at the best of times, only to be told to stay at home and not worry about going in - I was the only one! Everybody else (all of them male) made it in and some live further afield than me. Still, I didn't complain :))

Jackie said...

But it could have been worse and then you may have been stuck. I cancelled a trip to Wingham wool works on Monday and it was fine.