Monday, October 12, 2009


Thursday I attended my art class - we started playing with water colours - doing colour mixing etc. At the end of the class I did say to our tutor that I would like more drawing so next week I will be the odd one out - as the others start their first landscape I will be drawing fruit!! Hooray!

Friday I drove from my home in Wiltshire to London to do the annual visit to Alexandra Palace - the Knitting and Stitching show. You must have seen many blogs referencing the show now so I will not bore you too much. I was very impressed with the generosity of exhibitors who allowed 'photography for personal use' this year. People like Jannice Gunner. Whose website is HERE. I have loads of photos but as I say they are for personal use so will not share. The ones I will share are these..... An awesome corset by Fleur Oakes - you must visit her website HERE. Then EAST who actively encouraged photography and even had their sketchbooks available for us to pour over. I was particularly struck by Libby Smith's books. You can see the EAST site HERE I was encouraged by one of this years graduate (exhibiting in the Graduate Showcase) to re-visit the idea of taking the Textile Degree with the Julia Caprara school (site HERE)- the lady on the school stand was very helpful and encouraging but I will need to seriously think about the cost implication of 6 years of study. I also am re-visiting the idea of re-joining the Computer Textile Design Group (Their site is HERE) - I was in the group many many years ago when Val first started it, but I am not sure I use my PC enough for designing so again am not sure about joining. I was very frugal in my shopping again this year and only purchased two books: Jae Maries new book available from D4daisy HERE
and this delightful book by Francis Pickering available via Art Van Go HERE. To see Francis's website go HERE
Straight after the show I drove up the M1 to Derby to spend Friday night and Saturday with my son and his girlfriend. We watched him play Rugby on Saturday and then Saturday evening I drove all the way back down to London to spend the night with my daughter. Then Sunday morning it was the long drive back to Wiltshire.

I am still exhausted but I am so glad I saw the three things I like/love best - my children and the K&S show!! :-)


Threadspider said...

Incredibly busy weekend and it looks as if you have found some new directions to pursue. I have promised myself I will visit the show next year.

Gina said...

It certainly was a lovely show... I was there Friday too. I can certainly recomend the degree with the Julia Caprara school (I try not to think of the cost!)and I'm enjoying every minute. It is a real challenge which is great.

jackie said...

I was at the show on Sunday; exhausting but well worth it. Thanks for your comment.

Sue said...

Sorry I missed you this year - was there on Thursday and Friday then spent the weekend with my Mum at Bluewater shopping on the Saturday and The British Museum for the last day of the Garden and Cosmos exhibition. Have now come home for a rest!

JaneO said...

Glad to hear you had a good time - I was there Saturday. I have seen a few blog posts but we have all picked up on different things to highlight. Hoping they come back to the NEC next year.

downunderdale said...

didn't see you there Anna - or Gina

sharon young said...

Thanks so much for such a very interesting post, Anna, and all your links, I've just spent about half an hour looking through ALL of them.
I'm with you on both the degree course and the CTDG.
About 4 years ago I had an interview with Julia and was accepted for the degree, but when it came to sign the contract I 'bottled it', and did a C&G with them instead, the time/money commitment was too much, but I do regret it now.
As to the CTDG, I belonged for a year but never really looked at the mags, even though I was heavily into Photoshop at the time, but I'm still tempted.
Glad you had such a good if exhausting w/e.

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)

Jackie said...

I'm sorry I didn't see you. Thanks for the lovely reminders of the show especially the books.