Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Treat ?

Yesterday I had another treat! Claire, Becca, Christine and I went to the Fashion and Embroidery/Sewing for Pleasure/Hobbycraft Exhibition at the NEC. A big thanks to Christine for driving - if it had not been for her I would not have been able to afford to go! Anyway - the last time I was there was as an exhibitor this time I was a little disappointed in so far as it was not as big as I had hoped. The Sewing for Pleasure exhibition used to take up a complete hall on its own so by adding the old Madeira show I expected it to be twice the size but it was not. Having said that though it was lovely! Of course there were those 'artists' who think we are all going to rush home and replicate their work so they don't allow photos, but there were some very interesting others who not only allowed photos but who were happy to talk about their techniques and their groups.
The costumes from 'The Duchess' were stunning - this was my favourite. Also meeting Lynda Monk (Purple Missus) at the Art Van Go stand was a real thrill. I have loved all the work Lynda does and am an avid fan of her blog (click here to go there). She very kindly let me take some photos and described her methods. Thanks Lynda - it was really great to meet you, thanks for the postcard and I hope we meet again in the future!! This is the top of one of her fantastic vessels. They are just brilliant in the flesh!! I also needed to see my friend Jan's work at the FibreFusion stand - sadly we were not allowed to take photos here but we were allowed to look through their sketchbooks. Now Jan if you are reading this - your work is stunning!!!! Jan's main body of work was based on tubers and the pieces are brilliant - so much work and delightful colours. I did purchase a postcard of Jan's other vessel, seen here - which is also a delight real life... Other favourites of the show : the delicate work done by Clare Grace (no photos) and from the fashion show the dresses made by Julia Triston from donated bra's..... My 'haul' - well being broke at the moment I only bought some more Procion dye (a kit had all the colours I need) plus purple and green (Yes I bought GREEN - I colour a rarely use but intend moving out of my comfort zone). I also purchased a CD of the Nolitex groups work (90 images for £4.00 - bargain) and then loads of postcards of others work. A nicely inspirational, relaxed visit.


Angelcat said...

Looks like you had a great time Anna, I went on Thursday and was worn out and spent out by the time I left!

Julie said...

Glad you enjoyed the day Anna. I went on Thursday too so was disappointed not to meet Lynda. Hope you don't mind if I link to this post as you have covered things I missed.

karin said...

Thanks for posting all about the show which I sadly can't get to... It was great to read about it though.