Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bit of a grumble and tidy up

Why is it that after a couple of really lovely weekends life slaps you in the face again? I have a low paid temporary job (which is just about OK). My wages only just cover household bills etc. (The course and the holiday were saved for over the last couple of years). Over the bank holiday weekend at Longleat I heard a loud clonk from the back of my car whilst driving through the animal park - I thought something had come loose on the exhaust as since then there has been a slight rattle sound. Very early yesterday morning I took my car to the exhaust garage - there is nothing wrong with the exhaust but one of the suspension coils had snapped!!!! How can this happen? If you have seen one they are large solid springs (like the one below). Apparently one snapped because of driving over pot holes and those stupid humps in the road (near my house) over the last few years!! How can we avoid them? Anyway the garage said they can replace the coil for £99 plus vat - but they have to be done in pairs!!!!!!!! to hold the car balance so I have to spend almost a weeks pay on repairing my car. The main problem is, of course, that I had to leave the car in the garage because they did not have the part - they have it still today until around lunchtime! So that is a day and a half without pay! WHY ME??????
Still being at home yesterday meant that I had time to tidy the other side of the studio -it looked like this a while ago..... then I moved stuff and moved more stuff and now that side looks like this... there is floor space again!! - 7 bin bags of real rubbish for the bin collection and 9 bin bags for the charity shop of stuff I have gathered over the years just in case I could use it in some art form. Time to start afresh. Now I have time this morning to work on the commission until the car is fixed.


DIAN said...

sorry that your car let you down. You managed to use the time well with a clean up of your studio.

Vicki W said...

Since I decided to quit work my husband's car would up in the shop ($1800), the printer died ($300) and just yesterday the AC died! I'll get the bill for that today. I wonder what's next?

karin said...

What a pain. We do depend on our transport - I do anyway. But I am glad there was a silver lining to your hik up (can't find the spelling for that one).
The word verification for this comment is fartort! (it made me smile, but there is the word art in their... focus on that if the tears are streaming down your face.)

Joan Kirton said...

Oooh! that studio looks so much like mine. Nice to know others work the way I do and do not allow anything to stop their creative spirit. Cheers Joan

sion said...

oh wow, I don't think I've ever seen a photo of a workroom like mine! I suddenly don't feel so hopeless lol ... now if only I was as productive as you are!