Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'M BACK - exhausted but inspired

Phew - I'm back from New York - and so glad it is cooler here in the UK. Suffering temperatures of 95 - 97 degrees from 7.30 in the morning with no breath of breeze was exhausting, as was the amount of walking I did. I am not going to bore you with any of the 700+ photos I took. The highlights were:

a) a visit to Premiere Vision - a private preview for the fashion industry of the innovative fabrics and colours for couture designers for the Fall season 2011. This was brilliant although you can't take samples I was able (with permission) to take a couple of photos and collected lots of business cards and even a couple of sketches!

b)The Eco-Green exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology - it was good but no photography.

c) I visit to Mood - the fabric shop used by Project Runway (the TV show) - I brought back samples and photos of fabrics.

d) Lots of samples from the fabric shops

e) American Women: Fashioning a National Identity exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - brilliant (but no photos allowed), and the rest of the museum - including the special Picasso exhibition and of course Monet's paintings - loads of photos of these!!

f) a visit to Brooklyn specifically to the Brooklyn Museum to see the other half of the American Women exhibition - American High Style: Fashioning a National Collection - here I did the most sketching in my book (see later) !!!!! YES ME SKETCHING!! and photography was allowed. Whilst in Brooklyn I also took photos of Manhattan from under the bridge! Also on view was an exhibition of Andy Warhol: The Last Decade

g) the American Folk Art Museum - to see 'Women Only: Folk art by Female Hands' - again interesting but the museum made me sick - I suffer from vertigo and the stairs etc made me feel very unwell, so I did not stay long.

h) The Guggenheim - Obviously! Although the current major exhibition 'Haunted' was not really my cup of tea - mostly rather weird photography and video media type stuff.

i) a long and rather humbling walk round the 9/11 memorial works. I was one of the few people who followed the special tour around 15 sites where various other memorials have been erected - not just the Ground Zero and Visitor Centre bits.

j) a visit to the National Museum of the American Indian - to see 'A Song for the Horse Nation' (about Indian Horse related arts) and 'Hide: skin as material and metaphor' - this was a bit creepy - although brilliant art works (made from skin) by Sonya Kelliher-Combs

k)Broadway Sidewalk Catwalk - this is an outside exhibition all the way up Broadway - where fashion designers have dressed mannequins (click here for more details)

l) finally several visits to Central Park and Chelsea Piers - just to sit (in the shade) people watch and view the sites!

My sketchbook/diary/journal/scrapbook is overflowing....... with fabric samples, sketches of exhibition items (!), (Jane if you are reading this) there are a couple of 'art' drawings done using my left (non dominant hand) with pastel, pen and pencil - not looking at the page !!! - this example is Manhattan from under the Brooklyn Bridge. and lots of brochures, leaflets and maps -A brilliant, exhausting, fantastic, inspiring trip! (but I am also glad to be home)


fabriquefantastique said...

I'm impressed with your sketch book... inspires me to get mine out again (must be 20 years) yes...that will be my resolution for the fall 'start new sketch book' thank you!

Carol said...

your sketchbook is awesome :) glad you had a fab time, you totally deserve it. O to turkey in 2 weeks, we deserve it too, hop I can enjoy it.

DIAN said...

goodness, you crammed plenty into your trip. Thanks for sharing some of it here.

linda stokes said...

What a fantastic, inspirational trip you've had & sketchbook looks great - lots of ideas for future work.

Garnered Stitches said...

So glad to hear you had agreat trip.
I was able to visit New York last year for the family holiday, did mainly family/child trips but HAD to visit "Mood" and left with fabric which I have still to use - it is petted regularly, neastly folded and returned to shelf - I must find something special to create with it