Monday, March 26, 2012

Muse 4 - Finally Finished and gardening

It has taken a long time to hand sew all the grout around the edge but Muse 4 is finally finished. She is too big for any of the walls in my house to take pictures so here she is on the floor in my living room.

Here I laid the original Muse which is roughly A3 in size at the side to show you the scale of Muse 4.
As the weather has been so nice I have been able to start the hedge and bush trimming. Here you can see I have started to cut back the Red dogwood by my garage and I have trimmed the outer edge of the hedge there. My dad is bringing his shredder today to get rid of the mountain building so far in my back garden
and we will finish the job. I forgot to take a pic of the hedge at the front of my house before I started to cut it back - it now looks like this. It does look a bit straggly I hope it recovers!!

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sharon young said...

Faboulous achievement, Muse looks brill :-)