Sunday, March 11, 2012

Muse 4 Update and Sizzix Big Shot playing - photo heavy post

Another day at 'Aunt' Jane's and the 'grouting' on the main Muse 4 Body is complete and I am now starting on the 1 inch border of grouting that will run all round the piece - it's not easy to see here because there was not enough space to hang the piece fully.
Back at home my dining room table currently looks like this - at one end I have drawing stuff - yes I am trying to make myself draw for 10 minutes every morning before I go to work -
YES I am trying to draw - here is my latest 'dead' rose (sorry pic is on its side) it needs to be a bit longer. I will show you more from the sketchbook another day..
At the other end of the table is the Sizzix machine and my practice runs.
I ordered some more dies - yes more - Have to show you them as they excite me and I need to share!! :-).
These are the most beautiful tiny flowers - it is a 20p piece next to them to show the scale and they cut out of fabric just perfectly !!!
Next two Tim Holtz dies - the cogs
and tattered leaves - both are great !!
Then the 'sale' priced (ie 1/3 the price!!) Sizzix Fleur de Lis - I cut this out of stretchy velvet and it worked a treat !!
Sizzix say that their fine Sizzlit dies are just for card stock but hey - they don't say you can't try fabric - so I did - These flower dies work just fine on crisp cotton
and here is a close up of the check fabric just freshly cut still on another sizzlit die, which also works through fabric.
Oh and crisp cotton even embosses...
I know it would wash out if washed but the ideas running around in my head never get washed so the embossing may be another string to the bow of excitement - where's the catalogue for embossing folders ??? Quick find it for me!!

Just to do one 'useful' thing with this lovely machine rather than just playing I had purchased this rather plain Mothers' Day card for next weekend - (I don't like all the overly lovely cards - my mum is not that type of person - far from it!!).
But this card was a bit too plain so hey presto it now has a couple of card stock and fabric extra flowers !! Not bad!!
Now I am off to try a collograph print through the machine. Then I must just must organise some ideas - maybe a list.

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Carol said...

Anna have a look at Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Folders there are some fab designs, my son bought me a whole collection but I know they are available in the country at a lot of the good papercraft stores.
I love my Big Shot and trying out different things through it :)