Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back for a Moment

Hello all my blogging friends. Thank you for all your good wishes and cards etc...

I woke this morning feeling just a little bit better. Still very uncomfortable trying to sit but I feel so bored and useless.... there is only so much hand stitching I can force myself to do whilst lying on the sofa watching the most boring rubbish that is UK daytime TV!!!!. My daughter Emma, who is the worlds best nurse has stopped me from trying to do too much too fast but I have managed to peel her away from this PC just long enough to write and I did sneak outside (slowly) to take some photos of the beautiful frost. More of that in a moment.

I had the most beautiful surprise in the post this morning, a parcel from
'Something to Crow About' otherwise known as Nancy B.. Aparantely Suzie Q had won one of Nancy's pieces from her TTT and asked for it to be sent to me!!!!!!!!! Wow Thank you so much. Nancy also included a piece for me too - I am just so lucky ! THANK YOU BOTH. These are very inspirational - I may have to try my hand at this type of art work too! Perhaps I could incorporate fabrics as well????? Now you have got my brain going I want to get into the Studio even more!!!!! Below the pieces........

Now the frost... You remember I posted photos of the lovely tree with white/pink berries - well this morning and in fact all of today it has been covered with the most gorgeous frost!
These were taken from above as before, but I also managed to get out into the back garden to take a few picutres of the frosted cobwebs and the moss growing on my wall. ....

I did get rather carried away and took loads of photos, which I won't bore you with now!!. One final set of pics though..... my office have given me the biggest and most beautiful basket of 'Get well' flowers'. They know purple is my favourite colour and I just love fresias. In my living room I have a fire place without a fire - since I moved in I have not been able to decide whether to get a real fire or not so the hole has just been covered with a screen made by Emma for one of her Technology projects before she left school - I do like this screen too - it covers the hole in such a modern fashion!! We have placed the basket of flowers infront of the screen - now I can view these all the time whilst I lounge about on the sofa!!
Right that's all for now I really need to lie down again!! Hope to be in touch again soon. Love and best wishes to you all.


Suzie Q said...

Hi Anna :)

So glad to see these photo's, and to hear that you're feeling a bit better. So glad you were pleased with your surprise(s) from Nancy, she's such a darling and so very talented, bless her x

I love the frosty photo's - winter is making its presence felt now, isn't it, and it looks so beautiful in your pictures. The flowers are amazing - I love purple and freesias, too! Absolutley gorgeous, I hope they last for ages and keep you cheerful.

Take Care and have a wonderful Christmas week.

Happy Hugs, Suze xXx

windyangel said...

I adore the hoar frost photos. I am so happy when our trees are covered with frost.
Such wonderful angels are Nance and Suze. Hope you're feeling better soon.
Merry Christmas

Angelcat said...

Glad to hear that you are starting to get up and about a bit, but you just make sure you take your daughter's advice and don't over do it!

Love the frosty photos and the pics of the great artworks that you have received!

MargaretR said...

Take care. I love your frosty photos. Especially that spider's web.