Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 27 Garden, Oven and Texture

What a day so far.... I was up early looking at the garden - the bulbs are coming up nicely all over but it sure needs all the dry/dead stuff clearing from last season ready for the spring but I didn't feel like being outside, I felt like being in the kitchen, so that's what I did. Two loaves - one Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia (front left of photo) and the other Parmesan, Cheddar, Sun dried tomatoes and olives (back left of photo)... Whilst these were proving I cleaned the house from top to bottom - no easy task believe me- it's not a big house but three floors!! At least I'm getting some easy exercise as I am still not fit enough to row! My rowing machine is gathering dust - hopefully it won't be much longer !!! Anyway...... once you have the oven hot for bread you really need to fill it don't you - so I did - made a vegetable bake (front right of photo), roasted some chicken breasts (for work day lunches) and a stuffed pepper (right back of photo) for my dinner tonight! How good is that! Nice quick home made, healthy ready meals for the week means more time in the studio after the office!!!
My new boss joins our firm tomorrow - I'm really looking forward to meeting him again and I'm looking forward to the challenge of changing my role for the better - I hope so..

Back to the postcards - last night's piece is very similar to Friday's. This time I found an old 'unfinished' piece of fabric - it was cream cord onto which I had stamped orange circles - I have no idea what for, the piece was buried under loads of old stuff. So I stitched come cords down (like Friday) painted it with turquoise and purple and cut out one piece on the purple end to work on. Hand cross stitches in various threads, and there you have it....

Emmy - I will post postcard 2 (cross stitch) from yesterday's post to you on Monday as I already have your address. Doreen G - please email me with your snail mail address and I'll send you postcard 3 (sorbello and cross stitch).

Postcard 1 is still up for exchange.. anyone???? Actually how about I also offer last night's purple painted cord..... So there are now two up for grabs? Any takers????

My postcard collection is getting quite large now - I've been storing them in a plastic sleeve photo collecting album but that is getting too fat - I need an idea of an attractive storage sytstem. Any ideas??


Emmy said...

Thank you very much I need your snail mail adres so I can send you a card

Emmy said...

so sorry I have your adres
I was not thinking

Carol said...

someone on a blog somewhere made a hanging thing with clear pockets so that she could change them in her workshop? Could be an idea?

Purple Missus said...

Why not buy some clear PVC - John Lewis sell it - and make pockets to store them in. (As Carol said). That way you could make it as large as you like, on permanent display and easily changeable. It would become a piece of art in its own right. Only other alternative if you wanted to keep them in book form is the plastic pockets used for the packs of presentation stamps.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have one of your recycle cards ! My address is Marilyn Morrison
917 So. 7th St
Brainerd, MN 56401
I will send you a recycle card when I hear back from you ( You are such a talented lady. It would be an honor to have one of your cards ) I am jsut a run of the mill quilter and post card trader, but I do my best ! Marilyn in MN

StegArt said...

Wow more lovely and interesting ideas. You are on a roll Anna!

Sue B said...

I adore these cards Anna, the colors are fab. On the off chance one is still left I'd love to swap with you.

Oh and the cards in day 28 - brilliant!