Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shopping, Zebra Grass and Day 12 (5 of 9)

Shopping - My daughter, Emma, and I decided that what we needed today to make us feel better, less full of cold and generally miserable, was a bit of retail therapy - always works for the youngsters!! So, dossed up with medicine, we visited Cribbs Causeway, Bristol - for those who don't know it, it's one of those large 'out of town' shopping Malls. I thought January being 'Sales' time, the place would be jam packed with shoppers but we were pleasantly surprised at just how nice it was. We had a lovely day.

However either Emma did a very good job of brain washing me or I am suffering so much with ill health that I am not behaving quite like myself - because amongst the lovely clothes I managed to buy a pair of pointed shoes!! YES POINTED SHOES. I do wear high heels to work (although I have been taking it a bit easy more recently since my op) but I have never worn pointed shoes! These however are just divine - a lovely deep dove grey, 4 inch heels but oh so comfy and what a bargain reduced from £55 down to £13 !!!! Actually I bought a pair for Emma too!! That's now two pairs of shoes we have the same !! (I hope we don't regret the purchase later). I must say I did feel better for a while!!

Zebra Grass - In my back garden I have a nice clump of Zebra Grass - back in October (13th) it was just beginning to 'flower' or whatever it is grasses do. It formed lovely thick 'tufts' which opened out/fanned out, around a week later

as seen here on October 21st. Late this afternoon - having unloaded all the shopping and decided to have a quick look at the Internet, whilst waiting for my PC to wake up I looked out of the 'studio' window and thought just how pretty the grass looks today.
All sort of fluffy. It was still light outside but my camera decided it needed to flash - hence these rather dark but interesting pictures. If it's nice outside tomorrow I see if I can get some daylight pics too.

Day 12 (5 of 9 Postcard Challenge - Here is yesterday's postcard, still using the same piece of felt - this time I painted the felt with white emulsion and then black acrylic paint, which went a dull rather yucky grey so I added gold interference paint and gold rub-on. Stitched with more, of my now favourite, sorbello stitch in fine gold threads and added gold seed beads. Difficult to see the beads but it does twinkle - I think tonight I may work with gold and purple!!


Carol said...

Killer shoes! Killer card! Your went off today!

Dianne said...

Love those shoes!! Your postcard from me is in the process of being made - but I haven't forgotten...

Purple Missus said...

Your postcards are getting better all the time Anna. Am still admiring you for going this far - me, I would have lapsed after a couple of days!

Kim said...

I remember the Mall.

I had forgot that you were in a month long postcard challenge. I did one a week for a year - that was taxing enough. Your postcards are looking good. Hope you're feeling better.