Saturday, February 03, 2007

Quick Note - Sue B, English Rose and bubble wrap felting

Not sure what has been happening to my blog recently but I have noticed that the spacing keeps jumping so sometime there are gaps between lines and sometimes not. I've also not been getting notification of comments despite marking the correct boxes. SO thanks to you all for your comments.

Sue B - I'd like to do a course with you ! Are you doing any I could attend?? By the way Sue postcard 1 from Day 26 is still up for grabs at the moment, if you fancy a swap email me!!

English Rose - The Bubble wrap method of felting I use (can't quite remember who taught me - but thanks to whoever) is the most simple method I have used. You lay out a large piece of bubble wrap on an old towel (pref in the kitchen!!) Place your fibres on the bubble wrap, add hot/boiling water and soap - whichever you use - I like either washing up liquid or a conditioning non scented hand wash. Then you roll it all up in a sausage (I only roll up the bubble wrap - some people roll up both the bubble and towel) and roll this firmly backwards and forwards for the count of 5, open out and re roll up at 90 degrees (difficult to explain) and roll again for 5. The more times you do this the firmer your felt. The friction of the bubbles makes the rolling about 40% more effective than any other method so is easier for people who can't roll for long. A 3 x 3 rolling (ie. repeating the count of 5 each way three times) should give you a pre-felt. If you allow your pre-felt to dry you can then add it to further layers and repeat the bubble wrapping method to make your felt. I hope that makes sense!

By the way your blog is great and I think doing distance learning with Sian is just the best ! She is a great tutor. I took the Part I by correspondence with Sian but decided I had to actually work with her in class for Part II (the Diploma). Good choice of tutor!!


Sophie said...

A quick question on the buble-wrap felting... does it matter which side of the bubble-wrap you use? Which side goes up, the bubbles or the flat side?

English Rose said...

good question Sophie, I guess bubbles up. thanks for the how to Anna, will definitely give it a go. and I think Sian is a great tutor too.

Gunnels blog said...

Thanks for visit my blog and for the nice comment.
I really like you texture on your postcard. There is much good at your blog, I like it!

Doreen G said...

Thanks Anna for the instructions--I can see that I was not doing it right and this would account for the odd shape that I finished up with.

Sue B said...

Hi Anna, for some reason bloglines didn't let me know about the last few updates on your blog so I'm a little behind. I've got a few online courses starting in the next couple of weeks or if you're up to a trip to the states I'll be at artfest in CT - details here: