Saturday, May 12, 2007


Whilst in the garden checking on the veg this morning after all that rain -look I found my friend again. I do worry about it as the only 'pond' it has are these two - one is a small jar and the other an old planter. The poor little thing only has water when it rains. Does anyone know if they can survive with out a pond and what do they eat? Is there enough in a small garden? I guess it came from the tadpoles we had in a planter pond (before that broke). It is just soooooo cute.

Although I have not done any art work recently I have been thinking about what I should be doing - some people say that artists need that thinking time but I think of it more like procrastination - I'll do almost anything rather than try some art work. The inspiration has really gone. In September 05 I started an HNC in Stitched Textiles by correspondence with GLOSCAT (in the UK that's Gloucestershire College of Art and Technology). I did not get as much support from the tutor as I had hoped, in fact I had very little help from her, I had felt very despondent and useless and did not bother as much as much as I should have done. Also because I was in and out of hospital from Oct 06 I did not really feel I completed the first year. I have done nothing since until today when I wrote and asked if I could continue from where I left off. I had heard from some friends that the tutor has left and been replaced so the college may let me continue.

I have also got in touch with Julia Caprara (Opus College) about taking the Degree with them but Julia says I should take her one year course first - I think that is because although I have several C&G qualifications I have not actually worked on a 'proper' course with her and she needs to see that I can work in the way she likes. So now I am torn with the idea - why should I prove to another tutor that I have the skills to take a degree - should I even bother to try? Part of me says do a one year course - it would be good experience and preparation for the degree but then the degree course by correspondence is 6 years long!! That in itself is nothing - it took me 7 years to complete C&G Part 1 with Sian but this is at a much higher level!

Oh what should I do? I have nothing to aim for.... I like the challenges on the various yahoo groups I belong to but I just don't seem to have the enthusiasm to do any of the challenges. I sadly feel no sense of achievement on doing any of these.

Most of the time if I'm not in the garden I am on line reading other people's blogs, and believe me there are some fantastic blogs with brilliant work being done I just spend time thinking about various ideas I'd like to do and then not actually doing anything at all!


Carol said...

Oh lovely i am thinking of you and check in regularly to see how you get on. i hope some inspiration strickes you. I miss seeing you lovely things. Hope you feel better soon.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. We deliberately avoided Lacock during the filming, thought it might be crowded. Did you take any photos on your visit?
Sorry to hear you are having a "dry moment" with your creativity. Perhaps set yourself a challenge of covering a 6 X 6 inch piece of a paper with colour and textures every day, and try a new stitch out into the paper too. Do this for a month,(should have a sketchbook full of idat the endeas ) then decide whether you really need to do a degree course, or have you got all the skills you need already?? Just do it - nearly always helps.
Now to go and follow my own advice.................
Best wishes

Micki said...

Anna, I can so identify with your feelings. I am having a bit of a dry spell and can't figure where I want to go with my art. Perhaps we should both take Maggie's advice and try the 6 x 6 thing.

Alis said...

We had a toad in our tiny courtyard garden for 5 years. We didn't have a pond just a few puddles.
He always seemed so happy.

I completely understand your frustrations about having to prove something you have already done. Perhaps you could submit some small pieces for consideration rather than wait a year. Perhaps you could suggest it.
I'm sure your muse will return soon. Hang in there.

hippopip said...

I did my 4 years city & quilds at Glos Cat and I was told that they are not doing any more C&G.The Diploma course straggled to an end this summer and now it is going to be aimed at youngsters and it will be fashion based.You have my sympathies Anna,I am giving up on the degree and will do a masterclass instead I do hope that you manage to find something interesting