Monday, July 23, 2007

It's quite frightening when........ spend a few days tidying up your work space and then don't know what to do with 5 boxes of bits, samples and scraps......I have not even thought about starting on the fabric boxes yet as they are at the other end of the room and seem 'out of my view' for the moment!!!!!
You have to think positively and make a conscious decision to use up all those bits BEFORE starting any other projects.
As a consequence - I had a rummage through one box and made 6 postcards from strips of denim I had spent ages fraying - and some of them have the words 'blue' and 'denim' machined along them, but can't remember the reason why!! Five are the same and the sixth is made up of bits left from cutting the 5.Then you need to use up the tiny scraps you have 'left' into 4 ATC's - the fourth (top left) is yet to be finished and has a paper background as I finally ran out of this particular denim scrap!!. If anyone what to swap these just let me know!
Next I continued with the fabric I mentioned a couple of posts ago to be my first 'quiltie'. I machined a Fleur de Lys (You can just make it out on the top left) but did not like it so covered the piece with some bondaweb and snippets of other fabricsto make a sandwich - then a layer of purple twinkle and that is as far as I have got with this end of the background you can see the left hand side of the background fabric had not been stamped or painted so I cut that off and........Covered it with more snippets of threads and the opposite colour way of fabric scraps......
finally topped with a white twinkle fabric and again I have now stopped. What should I do with these two pieces now I ask myself? DO I machine patterns and apply the raised felt fleur de lys (after painting them) and then quilt the pieces or do I wait until the muse strikes.......
In the meantime - is it time my iron had a clean????? I have wondered why things were sticking to it!!!!
One final note for today - As I had said when the washer challenge started I might offer a prize for the best result - well a) you have until the end of this month for those who are still trying and b) the prize may well turn out to be a selection of 'useful' items I discovered whilst tidying my studio! I think it will be a case of names in a hat as all the works so far have been wonderful. Thanks for trying.


Jacquelines blog said...

looks great Anna!Especially the quiltie!!!

Doreen G said...

I love the look of the denim postcards--I have around 60 pairs of jeans in my garage--that would make a lot of postcards wouldn't it---ahhh I think I'll forget that one.

Alis said...

Brilliant work again Anna.

What a lovely workspace you have. I love to see where people create.

Poor iron! Hope you make it better soon ;0)

Shashi Nayagam said...

It is looking great. I love the colours

arlee said...

Stash is like hangers--close the door and it gets jiggy and makes more--i swear! I keep one drawer that is labelled "offcuts" and that's where bits of printed or embroidered or quilted scraps go, i've used them years later :}
My iron too often looks like that as well!