Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wishing or Dreaming...

Before I explain the title of this blog .... LOOK..... When I went out this evening to water my tomatoes in grow bags I noticed the bag moving and look who popped out !! Can you see it? It is just so cute - There must be several in the garden now as this one is tiny! Here is a close up!
Now Wishing or Dreaming...... At lunch time today I was reading an article that said you should stop wishing for things and start dreaming about them! At first I thought this is madness there is no difference but the more I read the more sense it made. We all spend time wishing - wishing we could win the lottery, wishing (as I did today) that the earth would open up and swallow all the annoying people we work with, wishing we were thinner, taller, younger, prettier etc. Wishing gets us no where - it just makes us think about the negative things in life. However if we dream about things, dream about making our lives better, getting the things we want we tend to make steps to make those dreams happen. See it does make sense.

The article went on to say that if you 'let your dream out into the universe - it is more likely to happen'. Now that bit I find difficult to get to grips with. Anyway I have decided to give it a try and see what happens. My dream is to run a business of my own. This would take the form of a combination of three elements under one roof. 1) A textile studio - where I could offer workshops, both my own and those by other tutors 2) A textile shop - that would sell all manor of textile related items (rather like Rainbow Silks) and 3) A textile gallery - where either students or artists could exhibit, and hopefully sell, their works of art.

I have had this dream for many years now and about a year ago I even saw the ideal site for such a place. About 15/20 miles from my home there were a set of barns being converted into 'workshop' units. Close to a main road, so visible, with plenty of parking, easily accessible from the motorway and with really good lighting - huge windows. I would dream about taking over a couple of these units and run my business - I would even call it PUMPKIN STUDIOS - to keep my website name etc.

There it's out into the universe.

I have thought I could do something to make it happen but there are several reasons why I don't and I know that is a cop out but it is really true. I have the skills I'm sure, I have the enthusiasm etc but I don't have the courage to go it alone.I would like to have someone to do this with me. Someone to bounce the ideas off, someone to share the good and bad times and someone who I could support too. Also I don't have the financial support to be able to quit the day job and I don't have the funds to get the idea off the ground. The investment would be great to set up such a business.

Please don't comment and say things like 'just do it' , as it is really not possible right now, or get a grant from somewhere like the Duke of Edinburgh awards for Enterprise - because I have already thought of that and did look into the idea but I am too OLD!! - if I was 18 - 25 there could possibly be the financial support!!


Carol said...

I hope you get your dream one day Anna, you do so deserve it. Thanks so much for my wonderful birthday card, i wasa suprised and delighted!

Angelcat said...

Don't give up on your dream Anna, I really hope that it does somehow become a reality for you some day (not least because you are just down the road and I'd love a local space like that to visit, lol!) I think my ideal if I had unlimited funds would be along the same lines, but as you say it's difficult to think of a way of giving up the day job and being able to make a sufficient income to pay the mortgage when it's so hard to start up new business.

Quilt Pixie said...

slowly working towards our dreams are what provide meaning in our lives. Actualizing the dream, that's a bonus in my book.... I get lots of enjoyment from the dream itself and all the ministeps I take towards that dream. If it never actually happens, I've had lots of fun pursuing it :-)

Doreen G said...

Hang on to that dream Anna-----

katelnorth said...

maybe the answer IS to start playing the lottery seriously... :) It sounds like a wonderful idea; I'll just have to hope that some day it might be possible for you.

Nikki said...

Thank you for having the courage to share your dreams--it's a bold first step. I have so many dreams and I'm only just taking baby steps towards sharing.

Janet said...

Thank you for sharing your dream, and for making me think about what my dream would be. I hope yours comes true because from what I've seen you have a lot to offer the world of textiles. Don't give up. If you can visualize it and keep it in your mind then you can make it happen. There might be someone out there looking for a partner to do this very kind of business. Keep dreaming!!

Susan said...

One of the other posts mentions something about the power and importance of actually stating your dream. Your post even said something to that affect. Acknowledging your dream is the important first step. You've made it that far. Take the next step...a small step, but a step in the direction in which you want to go.

I've been where you are...more than once. I've even been were you want to be. In fact, I'm now tied to a business of my own making and dream about getting OUT! I'm making headway in this area too...dreaming of being a full time artist and trying to live this life as much as I can...while still WORKING in the business that I own. It is hard. I take it a "baby step" at a time.

Sure, I cry often and also suffer from bouts of depression and personal doubt. I look at other people's work and think it better than my own and wonder about my own asking myself, "How on earth do you think you'll ever be good enough to be an artist?"

These are giant steps in the WRONG direction. It is hard to stop...but I'm getting better...and so will you.

One of the important things, however, is the fact that you have to take these steps alone...even when you do have a financial partner. Often, being alone is better. There's no one to answer to; no one to make other mistakes; no sense in establishing blame; no miscommunication; no hidden agenda; no secrets; no extra worries...just you. This is often a comfort.

Take your own "baby steps" day at a time. Thinking about a partner might be side tracking your intentions and natural abilities. Look for your own's likely somewhere close at hand.

I'll keep you, your dream, and your path in my prayers.