Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dreams - Courses ???

It's Thursday and I am feeling worse than ever but here at the office - yes I am a brave little soldier and struggled in knowing I have tons to do. Decided that I need a little me time and am taking a 'lunch break' - as I've not had one of those for a while!!!

I have been sitting here reading an article about keeping dreams alive and it has occurred to me that my dream has died through lack of effort on my part. I wanted to run a workshop facility (think I blogged about it a while ago) but the less I do creatively the further away from this dream I am going.

Right now I am thinking - I love being a student - mixing with other students (even if it is only every 6 weeks) but what next???? I know this course will finish in the summer and then what am I going to do - I have worked my way through all the City and Guilds courses in textiles and embroidery that interest me - I would have a go at patchwork/quilting but I know I would not like to do the basic neat patching that must be the starting point so best not go down that route and anyway there are no local courses. So what do I do????

The college (Urchfont) do have 'Master classes' but I have not been able to join one of those (long waiting list) and I'm not really sure I want to be there either. I don't think my work is up to 'Master' standard - 'Good' but not 'Master'.

What I 'NEED' is a group somewhere between C&G and Master class level. I don't really want to get stuck offering workshops much as I love sharing what I do but I need support for myself too.

How can I do this????? What do I do next?????


Stephanie Pettengell said...

Find like minded people and start a group to do just what YOU want to do. I am a member of group that only has ex C & G members and it is so satisfying to meet with like minded people and extend knowledge with same. You should be saying, who will join me and what shall we call ourselves.
Good luck and get stitching.

Guzzisue said...

let me know when you find out, please!! I am in the same situation as local classes have been cut and having completed part one and two in embroidery, most courses offered just repeat the same work. We tried having a textile group of ex students but it didn't gell even though most of us studied together for years.

Ruth said...

I agree with Stephanie - start a group either locally or online. Set up what you want the group to do and what the goals for the group are. Then go for it! There are also a lot of online possibilities for classes. Good luck!

Nikki said...

I am so sorry that you are feeling Ugg! I know I struggle this time of year. Hold on to your dreams, force yourself to create. I hope and pray that your head clears and your heart warms.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Come back to us at GWE Anna, we will be working in this way very shortly..... see you soon