Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Report - For Sale !

Do I really need a top of the range sewing machine?????? I have two sewing machines - my faithful Bernina 1015 Sport - she has been with me since 1992 when I sold an old Singer Futura (which was the top of range Singer at the time) and purchased this lovely mechanical machine! She has been serviced regularly but has NEVER gone wrong!. The other machine is my 2170 Pfaff - (Stock photo) yes it is a top of the range machine and those people who know me know what trouble I have had with Pfaff's over the years. I had a 2140 which went very very wrong so Pfaff gave me a refund and I moved over to a Bernina 730 E (also top of range). This machine was fine - I do like Bernina machines - they seem solid and reliable. (Stock photo)When Pfaff informed me that they had sorted out the problems with the 2140 I exchanged the Bernina for the Pfaff - they upgraded me to a 2170 for free. Was I STUPID ????? I have had nothing but trouble from these top of the range machines. I have been without my machine now for two months because it decided to chew up some loose threads that got so caught round internal parts that she needs a replacement part !!!!! Now I am wondering if I really need it back?The Pfaff is not too happy with my type of textural creativity. DO I really really need one??????
My Bernina Sport loves every type of stitching I demand of her - she eats her way through metal, thick layers of stuff and is generally a working wonder. Her only downside is the lack of exciting stitches - I know you only need straight stitch and zig zag for my kind of applications but occasionally I would like an automatic star or some text. OH........ what do I do. Do I give my Pfaff another chance - see if I can do something exciting with the digitizing software (not used that much) or do I sell it and use the money for other materials (that's a nice idea)!!!! How about I sell the Pfaff here - when she is back in 10 days time - she will be better than new!!
SO if anyone would like to buy her for £3,000 (plus the courier - which I would have to check at the point of sale) I will throw in the complete 3D software suite and dongle (Which cost me £1,000) for FREE. Get in touch by email.
Now - what have I been up to- well - do you remember my friend Jan sent me some fabric ready for rust dyeing backin December here -? Well it has rusted rather nicely.... and I have used part of it for the Febuary Arch swap - This is going to Kate on Monday. She likes Vintage people, stars and autumnal colours - I think this is a very simple but effective piece (myself :-) ) I have added stars from my aluminium drinks cans!
Next I have painted the three cartons for ART in a CARTON. They are drying before I decorate them further. I have also made 3 ATC's to go inside - it's a start !! Each carton will have the same three items but as they are going to different people who are in different countries it should be fine! They were made using my current favourite technique which is instead of making a chiffon sandwich I use net - it does not squash the snippity bits.....The recent post: I have received two lovely items in the post recently. FIrstly a lovely piece made by Amy - her sunflowers in Basque stitch. The matching card is lovely too. Thank you. The second piece is a lovely postcard from my very good friend Karin - sorry I forgot to send your birthday card Karin but I send love and best wishes via the universe! Karin made this postcard in response to my washer challenge - back last year here. The card is really lovely there are so many different textures - it is a real delight. I keep stroking the furry bits!!That was a fun challenge - perhaps we should do it again? - I still have lots of the washers.


Quilt Pixie said...

as I read the start of the post I had a quickening of the heart thinking you might be selling your Bernia! Hope someone wants the PFaff and takes it off your hands... My machine is a basic machine, and once in a while I too wish there were a few more stitches, but its a fleeting thought and then I get back to work :-)

Those cartons are looking mighty scrumptious. You're setting the bar pretty high here....

Amy said...

I am so glad to see the card made it and you like it. Thanks for taking part in my PIF.

katelnorth said...

Kate likes lots of other things, too, but also really likes the arch, which arrived in the post today and is just lovely. I'm a bit behind on blog reading, so i didn't even see it before it got here, which made a nice suprise. And now, my new arch shall go over and make friends with Arlee's arch - I think they will get on well, as they both have fun bits of metal used.