Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wish I could do one thing at a time

Being a true Gemini - I have a million things on the go at once - I dip in and out of each project and don't seem to complete anything as I would like to. - What have I been doing:
Art in a Carton
The cartons are ready for sending. I left the painted outers as I showed you before but with the minor addition of interference pearl ex - to give them a lovely shimmer depending on the way you hold them. They will be filled with just three pieces of my art work - an ATC which I showed you before, a wild art angel doll and one of my silk carrier rod pocket bags: The cartons will go in the post on Tuesday - I need to get them wrapped up and I will look forward to receiving two back (I already had the third from Sue).

I had promised the wonderful ladies of the Cotswold branch that I would send them a postcard following our workshop. These went in the post on Friday. So I hope they will have received them on Saturday. My only request was that they send me one back at some point. So I am looking forward to receiving these too.Several of these have my snippety bit sandwich and sorbello stitch.

I have received the following lovely items in the post too. The lovely tag from Karen T - it is so pretty - thanks.

The second piece is an Arch page from Patsy in the Textile Challenge swap. It is so shimmery - I think the book I will put together at the end of this challenge will be so exciting. Thanks.

Whilst out the other day I purchased two magazines - I don't think I have ever paid so much for magazines before - the Fiberarts cost me £5.75 and the Craft Arts International was £8 !!!!! I purchased the Fiberarts as I am in costume making mode (for the HH course but I can't tell you about that yet - you will have to wait until July - when I will show you all the work after the final exhibition!!) I think Art to Wear may become a focus for me (??). I bought the Craft Arts International just because the photos of work inside are just so fantastic I had to have them in my studio!! It is just full to overflowing with vessels and sculpture which I found myself thinking - this could be interpreted in fibre, that could be interpreted in fibre until the whole mag was covered with sticky notes to that effect - so I took them all off and will just leave the ideas open to feed my creative soul!!


Carol said...

What lovely inspiration. Wow those mags cost an arm and a leg! I love the art in a carton, sound idea. Your arch book will be a smasher. i am a typical Virgo and have to tick things off my list, like such a control freak! Wish I could have things on the go like you.

Purple Missus said...

A very interesting blog posting Anna. I love your silk carrier rod bags.
I too have bought the last 3 issues of Craft International and I totally agree with you - there are so many inspirational pieces of art in there. Look forward to seeing how you intend to interpret some of these.

Nikki said...

I am so glad that you don't work on only one thing at a time. I love seeing all your wornderful creations.

Kim said...

What would be the fun of doing one thing at a time?!?! Looks like you're having great fun.

spiralsun65 said...

Glad the tag arrived OK - thanks for showing it off! I love the art that's going in that lovely carton.