Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Back Now and Fantastic Post

I'm sorry I've not been around for a while but I took my daughter over to Germany to visit my son. He is currently living in Erfurt - It is the most beautiful capital city of the Thuringia region . It is most famous as the place where Martin Luther studied and also for the fact that it has a catholic cathedral and large catholic church side by side -the Mariendom and the Severikirche -this photo is a composite of two to get the buildings in. Whilst we were there, you can see, there was the end of the Easter Funfair in the Dom platzErfurt also boasts a lovely medieval city center, the oldest inhabited bridge in Europe (the Krämerbrucke) which also has a church at each end!! We had the most amazing time and felt really comfortable although very very few tourists go to Erfurt.
Before we went away I did send off my March Arch for Judy (part of the Textile Challenges Yahoo group) - it is based on leaves - I hope it has reached her safely.

We I arrived home I found a wonderful collection of envelopes and packets. To start with was a parcel from Sue Bleiweiss - I had entered her draw and been lucky enough to win this packet (the photo is not too good but shows a tissue paper packet held together with rick rack braid) which contained some of Sue's beautiful dyed lace pieces and a lovely purple piece of dyed velvet (unfortunately blogger did not want to accept the other photo) .... Thank you Sue - I have some ideas brewing already. Next to be opened was a parcel containing a carton from Donna as part of the Art in a Carton Swap - Inside the lovely purple covered carton I found a great heap of delights.. including hand made beads, some stamps, a teddy some large 'inchies' and a beautiful postcard. Thanks Donna! Then I started to open the envelopes..... The first was from Sue D who took part in my Button/Washer Challenge - with a lovely ATC. Gorgeous colours ! Thanks Sue. Next an envelope containing two pieces from GuzzieSue - a lovely ATC (the photo does not show the metallic thread so well) and a beautiful button broach ! This is such a great idea and will look lovely on my jacket lapel. Thanks Sue!!Next was an envelope stuffed full from Julie Y also in response to my challenge - this is her very first ATC -which she has named 'saucy lady'- I am so honoured as it is stunning and the 'recipe' included to describe how Julie made is so interesting. Julie very kindly included some silk 'paper' pieces - the photos do not do the pieces justice as they have such a lovely glimmer! Together with some lovely fibres and a small packet of lovely bits and pieces - I look forward to using all these in some of my work - Thanks Julie. The next envelope came from Neki in Spain with two lovely ATC's - the texture is truly lovely. (I'm sorry but blogger has not allowed me to upload the second photo) Thanks Neki !!Another envelope - this time from Elizabeth. These two ATC's - they have lovely poems tucked in the back of the packet - both of the poems seem to have meaning to me and I am not sure why - Thanks Elizabeth. The next envelope contained a really delicate first ATC from Stephanie. Again I feel honoured that it is a first. It is absolutely beautiful ! Thanks Stephanie. The last envelope in this pile came from Annie N and contained an ATC called 'Washers R Us' with a note saying I could 'fluff' up the wire - the washers stand off the ATC - it is just so clever! So thanks to all the above ladies - I feel so much better - these have cheered me up so much - as you know things have been rough (esp with my mum) and are not getting better but I am not going to bore you with my problems any more. I would like to thank you all for your support with my problems over the last few months.I think it's time to get back to that which makes me happy (textile art) rather than moaning about that which makes me sad.

I also want to say thanks very much to those of you who have named me as writing a blog that you find inspirational and I need to nominate 10 blogs which inspire me. Well how can you prune a list of 104 down to 10 ?????? I can't without difficulty - so I would like to nominate all textile, fibre art and mixed media art blogs as you all inspire me!!!!!


Jules said...

Anna - Thanks for the opportunity to participate in something so has been great to see what everyone did :-) I will be continuing to visit and see what interesting things you have going!
I am currently taking an online class with fiber artist, Sue Bleiweiss - fiber journals...great fun!

Gunnels blog said...

So many beautiful ATC, I just love buttons!