Saturday, August 16, 2008

Best thing to do in the garden

Getting up before 7 am and getting into the garden before the predicted rain is the best thing to do on a warmish August morning!!! That's what I did this morning but I did have a purpose and that was to perform my most favourite gardening task of the entire year!!! What is it? Well collecting/harvesting the lavender. I have one large bush which does block my gate as it flowers but produces the best harvest of lavender ever. Early morning when the sap is high and before the heat or rain gets to the blossom. This is the bush with half its hair cut..... and my table covered with the cut stems ready to hang in my studio to dry. The scent is just Divine.Once these are in and hanging it's time to take the stems off last years dried crop ready to use the flowers. Each year the bush produces more and more flowers so when I weighed last years bag , just now - I have over 1 pound of flowers to use.... Sometimes I use the lavender inside my 'spirit' dolls, and, of course, I have bowls full in the bathrooms, I even put some in the vacuum cleaner so that when I vacuum the scent is expelled through the vents, but what else can I do with it? Any ideas?? Do you want some??


Ed said...

Hi Anna, it's a nice idea to make lavendar bottles, to put into your underwear draws or wardrobes. For them you need fresh lavendar stems.
Pick stems that are equal in length and tie gently but firmly just below the flower heads, then bend the stems back on themselves carefyully so they don't break. I try for around 7 or 9 stems depending on the size of the flowers. Then gently stitch a length of pretty thinnish ribbon round one of the stems and slide it up as far as possible to the tied part under the flowers. Weave the ribbon in and out round the stems, making a bottle shape, and at the bottom of the flowers, when the stems all come together, tie the ribbon into a pretty bow. Place these bottles somewhere flat between tissue paper to dry out, and use as you wish. They make lovely little gifts too .....
Hope you can follow all that. I have been making them for years, my grandmother taught me how - she was a country girl at heart, just like me.
Hope you can understand all these instructions.
luv Ed xx

Susan D said...

My favourite scent is Yardleys Lavender, I know some people would think it's old fashioned but it is one of the few that don't make me sneeze. Last week when I was in the park behind St George's Hall here in Liverpool I thought I could smell Lavender and sure enough when I looked there was a row of bushes. Lavender is good for relieving tension. I've put pomanders filled with lavender in drawers to keep moths away.