Saturday, August 09, 2008

Do I Believe in FATE...

Firstly thank you for all your good wishes for my job. This is only a temporary job and I know I will not stay permanently unless they offer more money - I know that sounds bad but the salary is half what I was earning and I really cannot sustain a salary that low - may be 3/4 but def not 1/2. I would love to stay there - the team are lovely and the work is 'un complicated'. My previous role was so demanding this is nice and steady and I know some would say the pros out way the cons but the financial element is the biggest hurdle which I cannot over come.

On to Fate.... I'm not sure what 'Fate' really is - Destiny? The future? Being a Catholic I believe that what is meant to be will be, that we are here for a reason and if that reason is not clear so be it. I do however have a set of Astro Tarot cards. In history many Catholics (nuns and monks) referred to cards as a way of helping to clear or focus the mind.

My fun set of cards was created by Russell Grant many years ago - they are not a 'strict' tarot set - which is the other reason I don't feel looking at them is wrong - they are what is called Astro Tarot. Being made up of 22 cards for the Major Arcana (pure tarot), the aces of the 4 suits from the Minor Arcana (pure tarot), then the 12 sun signs of the western zodiac and the 12 signs of the Chinese horoscope and finally 14 cards associated with Western astrology making up the total of 64 cards. The pictures are so pretty and colourful. I just love looking at them anyway.

I do not use the cards to predict the future - I do however, occasionally look at my cards to help me see myself - not just in a mirror but most often the cards are pretty accurate as to my current feelings, position in life etc, so that I can move on rather like writing morning pages or soul journalling but in card form if that makes sense!! I do however take it lightly and definitely don't change my behaviour because of what I have seen in the cards.

When I first started 'reading' the cards over 20 years ago, a work colleague was feeling very low, upset and asked if I would 'read' for her. I said I would only read one card as I do for myself to see if reading for someone else worked. I insisted that she should take the message lightly - not as a joke but not too seriously either. As it turned out the card said that although things were tough for her right now great joy was on the way to put her in a place of love, excitement and hard work. Two days later she found out she was pregnant! She was my one and only reading for someone else. It was scary to think it worked!!

The reason for this rather long ramble it to tell you that today I decided to look at the cards, I have not taken them out of their box for over a year. .....To pick one card for myself right now.......PLEASE BELIEVE ME THIS WAS NOT A SET UP - and I have been shaking since I turned it over....... It turned out to be..... yes THE FOOL.. Isn't it a lovely card!!!.. . and as it came the correct way up it meaning is more on the positive side than negative ... to read it strictly (from the book) it's meaning is.....
This card indicates a time of fresh beginnings when you will step into the unknown. A door is opening in your world, revealing anything from a new job, relationship or abode to a complete change of direction in the way you live your life. You'll have to face challenges by you should be able to take them in your stride. You might even reveal all sorts of skills and talents you never knew you had, and you're bound to enjoy yourself along the way. There is no doubt this is a positive card, but even so you must look before you leap the card shows a young man stepping out high, wide and handsome, but isn't he about to walk of the edge of a cliff? The little dog by his side represents his conscience, but will it prevent him making false moves or lead him headlong into trouble? His sack represents the knowledge and intuition he has gathered through his life, but will he use it sensibly? Watch your step and all will be well!!


Now, once my hands stop shaking, I am going to get on with my current textile projects - there are three wearable art garments on the go - two to finish off and one just started. As well as ideas for more book marks.
I hope all of my blogging friends have a lovely weekend!


Susan D said...

That is spooky isn't it. As I've got older I have begun to believe more and more in 'Fate' however you want to describe it. Good luck in finding your new direction in life.

Jackie said...

'There are more things in heaven and earth..'
Strange things do happen.Who knows why?

Julie said...

I would say that's a fantastically positive card to draw. It's certainly come at an appropriate time. The older I get the more I feel that certain things are planned out or maybe we become more open to possibilities. It looks as though the little dog will stop the Fool from going to far into danger :)