Saturday, August 02, 2008

MUSE is returning slowly !! Horray !!

Having spent the last week in a bit of a mess - only to be expected. I have been applying for jobs, registering with agencies and been for an interview. I am not hopeful - so far I have been told that I was previously over paid, I am over experienced and under qualified!!! How's that for nonsense!!!!!!
Thanks for all the messages of support I really appreciate them. Thanks Maggie G especially - I will try to put my writing hat on but the technique you mentioned is so simple I'm not sure what I could write!!

I have tried to relax between the applying and interviewing and have done a small amount of art work. I have two on line courses on the go at the moment (even though I am being very slow). The first is the Studio Journal with Sharon B (via Joggles) several of you have been blogging about the exercises you have done ... well this is all I have done so far. Using my favourite photos - from my cabbage assessment piece (C&G Part II) - these photos keep coming up on a regular basis. I did the magazine colour selection exercise. The second course is Soul Journalling with Sarah Whitmore. I won't bore you with the first pages suffice to show you the first stage of the first pages here.... What I am excited about is the page we had to write in very small letters completely filling the pages and then cover them with tape - different tape - then paint or whatever (not finished reading that bit) - I found this really cathartic, like the morning pages with Julia Cameron, I poured my heart out knowing I would cover it up. I sloshed paint over the top as required and left the book to dry. This morning I went to take photos and I have become excited about the outcome - I see design possibilities here !! The paint did not cover my brown parcel tape (It's too shiny) but what a lovely effect!!
The last thing I have been working on - I'm calling it Snow White - yes another costume - I first wrote about it July 20th when my muse appeared for a split second. I have been fraying fabrics in the evenings as it takes ages to be as careful as I have been!! This was the first 'fitting' of the longer pieces -but I decided that I wanted the panniers like my rust costume - so new panniers made..... and this morning the costume looks like this (yet to be joined it's just layered at the moment)..... I have also cut out another bodice in rust and indigo dyed fabrics but nothing to show yet! Sadly there is not much 'embroidery' on my latest costume pieces but I think they are still Textile Art!!
There I feel much better now!!! AT LAST THE MUSE SEEMS TO BE RETURNING!! or at least she is here for a short visit !! :-)


Celia said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. The course I am starting is one at Eastleigh College for post C&G Diploma students. It is 2 days a term, taught by the embroidery tutor Terrie Hitchcock and the P&Q tutor Susan Chapman. After 4 years of C&G I just couldn't face not taking a course!

Sorry about your muse but I know exactly how you feel and in a way it's nice to know other people are not further on with Sharon's course than me! No reflection on Sharon, I just can't get going. The soul collage one looks good - I am always hesitant about putting my thoughts down on paper in case someone else reads them! Perhaps it will get you going again


Purple Missus said...

Oh B****r! I am just working on a corset with a floaty skirt using rusted and overdyed indigo fabric. Looks like I shall have to shelve that one now :)
But hows that for great minds and all.

Carol said...

Oh scrummy! Love it. Love seeing how you constructed it.

Jackie said...

Glad to hear and see the muse has returned. It must be in the air after being at 'Purple missus'. It would be nice to see both the corsets.

Mary S Hunt said...

your designs will be fabulous too

the pages are gorgeous as is your friends card!