Friday, September 19, 2008

Days when I want to cry

There seem to be more of these days recently. Why is life so 'pants' - I try and keep smiling, thinking good positive thoughts but more often than not these are dashed and I want to cry. I know I am 'well off' really - I have my health, I have transport and a home (at the moment) - its just little things that my unhappy mind blows out of all proportion.
Today for example my vacuum cleaner made the most awful 'farting' sound and threw out clouds of dust then stopped. Next my PC - the cd drive stopped working last weekend - today the monitor did not turn on. By the way I am writing this on my daughters old laptop (so at least I still have Internet at present). I phoned PC World to be told that the monitor is probably dead but to take both PC and monitor to the local store. A drive of 23 miles (each way - more cost) to be told that they don't test monitors - if my PC switches on with their equipment I can take it as read that the monitor is gone. If it is more serious they will call me. Otherwise I collect the PC NEXT WEEKEND - that's ages away and have to pay - best case scenario a £69 repair fee (which I had to pay in advance) plus the price of a new CD drive at about £40 and a new monitor at £129(+ travel). Worst case scenario £600 for a new PC. This would the best price for the updated version of my spec and includes the extra cables I would need for the printers etc (as they have old 'parallel' cables.)

This expense is not welcome whilst I am unemployed.

When I got home I called the recruitment agent who had a job for me for next week to make sure all was well. Notice I said 'HAD' a job for me - it is no longer available. So now what?

THen I went out side in my slippers and thought my foot felt damp - I have a large hole in the bottom on my slipper and it soggy!!

The whole day has been wasted and I Want to cry.


Carol said...

I hate days like this, I often am weiry with just worry about life myself, and I have very little to moan about, I always feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. So I am not going to say chin up as it doesn't help me, so instead know others feel for you, and there will be better days, let's hope they are soon.

Genie said...

We all know how you feel Anna , so go and have a good cry, and as Carol said, Hopefully better days are on there way.
Hugs Jean

Doreen G said...

Anna you can look on the bright side --at least it can't get worse--hopefully.

hippopip said...

Anna ,Things must improve I just hope that its quick,the ATC`s are lovely at least crafting is a salve to the soul