Sunday, September 14, 2008

Over Enthusiastic

Over Enthusiastic (that's a big word for a Sunday character smileys) or am I just trying to do to much all at once?? Nothing new there once I get going!! Maybe my Muse is here today??

I have been working on my Soul Journal again, but looking back at some of the pages I felt they were over worked - too dark with oil pastels etc like this one..and as I could not find my Gesso I peeled some of the previously stuck down newspaper pieces and found a large tub of White Emulsion paint ... much better- actually it's hard to believe they are the same pages - I enjoyed this removing pieces and over painting so much I did more but here are just one or two more before and after pages to show you - as you can see I used some more newspaper to 'press' away the emulsion paint.

Then I started my 'Press glass' exercise - Not being in an office (or having access to an office being unemployed!!) I used my scanner. I scanned some tiny safety pins, some of my heap of white buttons and some of the eyelets I use for my bodices. First pic just 'as is'. Then I used a black fabric background. Next these were imported into PSP and I turned the first into a double mosaic. Now I need to print some copies out and paint them. Then whilst making a coffee I was just about to throw away the pizza base tray from last nights dinner - I usually keep these for painting but have so many. As my mind was racing with the idea of working on my newly painted Soul Journal pages I thought I could carve myself some an alphabet stamp. I have loads of alphabet stamps in lovely sets but never use them, I like to keep them in their boxes and did want to sell them but now I might use them. Anyway carving into the pizza tray.... Very enthusiastically I carved away without really thinking how the stamps would stamp - typical me - not thinking!! Here they all are. They are roughly 2.5 - 3 cms tall. There was still some base left so some 'shapes' appeared.... Next question...... will they stamp and look recognisable? The answer - thankfully YES -forum smileys but there is a 'but' (isn't there always a 'but'). But they are not easy to use - they need a 'handle' to help pick them up off the page. I got bored after making two handles, using black tape - you can't see the letter properly now... - so will just have to be careful using my lovely new stamps, without handles! The next task is my Permission slip and envelope - they are both a work in progress (as most of today's work so far!!) Here is a view of the back and front of my slip - I wrote onto a print of my fav page from my Soul Journal. There will be more pics, if you can stand more, either later today or tomorrow.


Carol said...

Anna, when I made my own alphabet stamps i too had the handle problem, what i did was cut a strip of mount board and then put some double sided tape on, stuck the letters all down and then cut the strip up so each letter was separate. Thins meant I could hold onto the mount board to pick it up? Worth a try and is quicker than making individual handles.

Virginia said...

Anna I love that you are enjoying this journey.Your stamps look amazing.And your pages are looking great.I love to go back and rework my pages..

Mary S Hunt said...

i am continually amazed how clever everyone is on these art groups
re-purposing items i wouldn't even give a second look at
you are no exception and your alphabet did excellent!

peeling up the unwanted areas was good way to keep the page going in the direction you wanted to take it...

Altered Route said...

What great ideas!! Many of my pages need More, I feel, and I always go back and Add...that's what's cool about journals.

KathrynAntyr said...

You are so creative and ingenious! Lovin' those letters. I have my share of overworked pages and experiments that didn't turn out as I had hoped. The good thing about mixed media is that I can always cover it. I do cover things all the time until I like it and sometimes I just give it a rest and go back to it another time. The scans are great. It looks like you had fun.