Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Klimt looks a little better today

Before I show you Klimt so far today - I would like to so agree with Carol of Taylor's textile trials when she says - quote "I am finding the less I do the less I want to do". I have been at home for nearly two weeks now (apart from the trip out to K&S) and I have done virtually nothing. When I was going out to work full time I could not wait to be home to work in the studio - ideas flowing, sewing machine on fire etc, but now well it takes me forever to get going and then its at snail pace - today for example I was up at 8am like usual but have only started some stitching now at just gone 2pm!!!! Oh for a full time job again!!

Now Klimt - the samples I did yesterday do look better in daylight today.... here is one. For the final sample piece (might as well use the A4 size prepared background for something). I pined some scraps of a rather bright sparkly fabric and a cheap gold polyester satin stuff (from an old pair of sari pants) under the two tone organza layer..... Stitched these pieces down with yellow free machining in a sort of grid arrangement... Then applied gold/orange two tone organza spirals to the surface also with yellow free machining but reasonably carefully (for once). Gentle zap of the heat gun (after thought - not really necessary at this stage).Next small purple spirals also free machined all over the surface and the final touch - the usual zap of the heat gun. From a distance this A4 piece looks rather good - to me anyway!! I like this as a background - I want to raise the surface now so need some ideas of how to do that - any suggestions??


Carol said...

I love them Anna, I think your right the colours look far more interesting today. I think one big flowwing spiral coming down the centre woud be lovely, maybe using Maggie's pelment vilene and gesson technique??? To raise it up. See I am full of ideas for others, me, can I get going? can I hell!!!! IAM GOING ON THE MACHINE TONIGHT - IF IT KILLS ME!

katelnorth said...

NO suggestions on that, but I know what you mean about the less you do, the less you want to do. Today, for instance, I had about an hour between committments at school and dentist appointment and the kids coming home, and yet, that's the time I really wanted to get into the sewing room and work.

I really like how the Klimt piece is coming - will look forward to seeing how you resolve the raising issue.

Heather said...

The Klimt piece is already beautiful. Could you raise the surface by using Puff Paint or Xpandaprint and paint? Or perhaps make little separate shapes, maybe padded, and apply them on top? I hesitate to suggest anything really, as you seem to be doing OK on your own.

annette emms said...

Hi Anna. I think this background piece is really beautiful;the colour and texture intrigue me.
It was great to meet you on Saturday and I've enjoyed my visit here!

Sophie said...

I too hate the sampling stages and wish that I could do it as succesfully and easily as others seem to. This last sample looks great (they both do) but the last one really does have that Klimt quality about it. I don't have any suggestions for you - feeling a bit 'flat' about my work at the moment too - but I do look forward to seeing what you come up with!!