Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today's creations

I am very very fussy about my purse (wallet for our USA friends) and have used the same one (which as it happens I purchased in USA) for over 20 years now!! Recently it has been looking rather sad, sorry for itself and I have looked everywhere to find a replacement. I want the exact same style - with card slots and two zipped inside pockets! Ask my daughter how much anguish this has caused - every time I/we go shopping I look through all the purses I can find and never get anywhere.

How bad is it you ask? Well look....... This is a side view and as the press fastener stopped holding some time ago, so I used stick on Velcro..... Now that has lost its sticking power. Is this really sad????

Today I decided to address the issue myself...... firstly I made two (quick, un-lined) small purses (using pieces of fabric left from my Klimt bodice - thinking I could use one for coins and one for credit cards etc, but I am not sure I like the idea now. These will just get put away somewhere, or should I give them away in a giveaway???

Anyway - I have a stack of old jeans I use for various projects and the idea suddenly struck - why don't I just make a new purse the same.... So here it is - credit card slots, even two zipped pockets inside.... it is the same size (ish) as my old purse. The only think I did not think through and am not sure what do is is how to fasten it. Too late for press studs - perhaps a button and loop?? Any suggestions please..


Julie said...

As it's too late for press studs or velcro I would think a button and loop would be best. I can't think of anything else that would do the job and be convenient. Looks like you've done a good job with the purse.

Doreen G said...

Anna couldn't you use some of those studs that you whack with the hammer to close them--the ones that have the teeth that fit behind the fabric and are pushed through to the front and then the connecting bit sits on the teeth and you hit them to unite them.
Not making myself very clear here am I.
They are the ones that went on babies grow suits so that you could undo them to change their nappies.
At least I know what I am talking about but I am not sure anyone else will.

sionwyn said...

jeans fasteners/studs, which work similarly to the ones Doreen is talking about, would be just about ideal. pic here -

Gina said...

Grat purse - I think a button and loop would look quite nice.

Alis said...

Great new purse Anna. I love the Klimt fabric purses too.
I had to get a new purse when Fred, as a puppy, ate my old faithful. Wish I had made one like yours ;0)

Eva said...

The button-loop-idea is what I thought. I would give the loop a tiny little handle or apendix to move it over the button more easily.

marion said...

ooh, those Klimt bodice purses are delicious!!! You're on a roll, girl!