Saturday, August 28, 2010


OK so he (I can't even say his name today - will be known as '...') is really quite well behaved now (after only a few days) and is thankfully gone away with Daughter for the weekend. BUT - I am now without a left hand !!! Sounds bad!! (Typing with one hand is so slow) Well the story goes like this......
Wednesday evening - very, very, very heavy rain - Daughter says 'mum are you still going for a walk? - if you take '....' I'll go and get groceries' - OK I gave in for once my daughter buying groceries to fill the fridge and freezer seemed a bargain compared to a walk in the rain.
'...' did not like the umbrella - so that stayed at home,
'...' did not like me wearing a hood - so that stayed off!
yes we came back absolutely sodden.
'...' straight into the bath for a good wash - which was very funny.
- have you ever tried to bath a puppy whilst still wearing a sodden rain jacket?
- have you ever tried to dry an excited puppy - who now smells both of delightful puppy shampoo/conditioner but also very much of wet dog?
We tried the hair dryer - no go - scared '...', three towels later dry but not completely wet dog odour free
Daughter gave '...' a quick spray with pet friendly 'Fabreeze' which worked !!
Why does a pup shed so much hair after a wash
Hours of brushing
then hours of vacuuming
Then the pain in my left hand started, where my thumb meets my wrist....
Since Wednesday night the pain has got worse and worse - I have not been able to drive or dress or hold anything - good job I am right handed. Sooooo many painkiller tablets and gel and ice used I could take it no more yesterday so I phoned the hospital. They said as there is no bruising and no obvious injury I have either a) pulled something badly, b) got carpal tunnel syndrome (not sure how they got that idea) c) have early onset arthritis (?) or d) have dislocated and relocated my thumb. In short - nothing they could do - so stop moaning! Hand currently strapped up

and I am unable to do much art work but OH JOY WHAT PEACE! I have the doors open and can leave stuff on the floor and can move from room to room without a shadow!

'...' with his mum...


Carol said...

Oh no it's not carpel tunnel is it, my Mum had that and it kils

Jackie said...

oh you've got to love 'em...with all their naughtiness! Hope your hand is soon better.

Garnered Stitches said...

How can such a small, cute puppy cause so much distress! He looks sooo sweet in the photo - same can be said of photos of children - so cute in still life, but a pain in the butt in 3D! Initially thought he may have bitten your hand! Hope you are fit and able soon.
best wishes

fabriquefantastique said...

sorry about the hand....perhaps your body is trying to tell you something. Have to laugh about your little cutie!!!

Libertybelle said...

Poor you! I hope the hand gets better soon then you'll be able to walk thye puppy again!

Julie said...

Ouch! I know how much that particular pain hurts. I get quite a lot of pain up through my thumbs and it's not nice! Hope it calms down soon.