Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can't wait for October! (oh and some good news)

Why can't I wait for October - because I have an exhibition (no I don't), because I start a textile course (no I don't), because I get some art project finished (no I won't) WHY then??? because that is when the little horror that is Rocky moves out!!!! :-) (yes he has only been here since Sunday evening and already I have had enough!)

He is sooooooooo ugly he is cute and the way he looks up at you can melt even my non dog loving heart - his first night here was fine - he sleeps in the kitchen and does not make a sound - no barking, howling etc. His first morning alone was fine, but since then he has chewed the carpet on the edge of the bottom of my stairs (thankfully where only we know he has), all the telephone directories (not pulled pages - just chewed the spines), two boxes of spare light bulbs went the same way as did one parcel - the other parcel was taken very carefully to his bed! Then today horror of horrors he took a fancy to one of my dining chairs (I have the dining furniture in the kitchen) and chewed the edges (thankfully low down where no one other than me would notice) this is all despite having more toys than a toy shop!

To be fair he is a pup and we now have moved loads of stuff out of the kitchen and bought a spray and some more chewing bones. The only time he seems to behave is when I have taken him on my daily long walk - yes I have agreed to take him - on condition he poops in the bushes or fields as I am not scooping anything.

When we passed the chickens yesterday one mother hen had escaped from their enclosure and was sheltering her 6 chicks at the side of the road - not easy for me to take pictures.

Rocky barked for a couple of minutes until I told him to stop and then just observed the mum (you can see him here - can you see one chick peeking out from under mum?) and we walked on. On the way back she was still sitting there, Rocky looked at her for a moment and then at me as if to say 'So what, big deal I saw her before' and on we went ! So he can be good when he wants to be!

Thankfully this weekend Daughter and Rocky Horror are away for the weekend - Hooray!!

The good news - the job I mentioned a couple of posts ago - the one that there was a lot of hinting about - well I had an interview this afternoon 2 pm to 3pm and at 4pm I got a call to say they want me to join them!! Hooray!!


Carol said...

Fantastic final news :) so pleased or you, you deserve a wonderful job :) Hope you love it

Julie said...

Congratulations on your new job and I hope you survive Rocky's stay.

Garnered Stitches said...

Congratulations on the job and I agree Frank would have been a great name - one of my favourite characters in the film!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Poor you, I had a dog like Rocky Horror, 4 telephones,2 armchairs, the kitchen concrete floor, books all got eaten. I had him for a year before I decided I just couldn't cope with him anymore!!!
I am so pleased that you got the job-CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope it works out well for you.

verobirdie said...

LOL. Sorry, but your way to telling things is hilarious.
I'm sure you'll miss him when he goes away.
Oh congratulations for the job!