Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Very Disappointed...

I have wanted to dye my hair a proper purple for some time now as most of my friends know. I do dye it regularly and it has ranged from a deep red to the latest 'cosmic violet' which is not PURPLE!!!! So today it was a trip to the hairdresser as I have not managed to find a bright enough home dye. I took this ribbon in..... and of course my handbag (wanting a darker tone of this colour). I also had this random photo from the Internet... I only wanted highlights in this bright colour to start off with so that if I liked the outcome in a couple of months I'd have it all over. 'Of course', 'No problem' they said and showed me a colour chart with my purple colour on. 'Sorry, can't bleach your hair as the colour won't last, but this method will be bright and vibrant and the purple you want'... Odd I thought but hey what do I know - I'm not a hairdresser. Anyway on with the cap, the torture of having strands pulled through - the dye on -I was not able to see the colour brewing because the cap had to be over my eyes, off to the wash and this is the colour I have...... (again a random photo from the Internet not a photo of me). I was so disappointed and told them so. This is the colour I do myself!!!!!!!!! The only thing they could do was offer a reduction in the price and tell me (on this dull rainy day) that it would look brighter in the sun light !!!!!! In a couple of months when it has grown out I will go to a less expensive hair salon (find a dodgy looking place full of punk rockers) and get them to dye it for me !!!!
To be honest the only good thing about my hair right now is that it is very very soft and smells lovely!!
I'm off to buy a hat!!


Sue said...


verobirdie said...

oh no, I can feel how disapointed you are...but I'm sure the next time will be wonderful

Carol said...

I know what you mean just used cosmic purple and it is soooooo red - people do not understand our need for purple!

DIAN said...

How annoying for you. I have sometimes had bright highlights: pink, green etc and the hairdressers just will not do it the way I want it: that is a "real" colour. So I do it at home. Have you looked on ebay for a suitable colour? Have you thought of mixing two to make the purple you want? Just like paint.

Anyway I am sure your hair looks & smells gorgeous.

Lizzie said...

What a shame you have been disappointed. I buy purple hair dye on Ebay. It is the wash-out semi permanent type. It is very strong and the last time I did it I had to wash my hair five times that day in order to go out!!! The make is "Stargazer" and the colour violet. There are other colours. I don't usually do a full head but now I have started to do that. My hair is gray to start with, I don't want to bleach it anymore, and the instructions say it won't work on white or gray hair but it did!!

Sarah said...

the only way I have ever got a proper full on purple is by bleaching first and then using semi permanent Directions brand dye in colour Plum.

here's a random google to show you the colour, I'm not recommending this particular retailer who I know nothing about:

it's a gorgeous shade and it lasts really well (6-8 weeks or so) and is easy to apply at home.

have fun!