Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another outing and update on First Fairy

Had a bit of a traumatic time mentally and financially on Wednesday - daughter, driving boyfriends car, had a flat tyre so 'bank of mum' paid for that to be replaced before it caused an accident and then in the evening whilst I was taking young Rocky out for a walk we got 'hit' by a Land Rover. I say 'hit' in inverted commas because it was not like a major HIT. Basically walking along a usually empty quiet lane I had just shortened his lead as we approached the main road when suddenly an old style Land Rover being followed by a Police Car hurtled its way round the corner. A dog in the back of the LR barked and Rocky went for it - I think he was just clipped by the front of the LR but in that split second all I saw was Rocky flying across the verge and the lead ripping/burning/cutting through my fingers and wrist.
The LR did not stop, the Police car did just long enough to shout 'you OK' and for me to reply 'think so'. Rocky sat cowering on the verge for what felt like a life time whilst I tried to establish where the blood had come from on my arm. The couple outside whose house we were came rushing to see if we were OK. I gave Rocky a treat to try to calm him but he just spat it out and did not want to get up when I tried to move him. So I carried him home, crying (me not him) I really thought he had broken bones or a head injury - daughter and I took him to the Vet immediately only to find he was fine!! Just badly shaken with a couple of minor scratched under his shoulder and a small cut on his ear. So that trip cost 'bank of mum' again - for an antiseptic pain killer and some eye drops for an earlier tennis ball incident (for Rocky not me :-) ). It turned out I was more injured than him!! The base of my thumb is very badly bruised, my fingers and wrist have deep, very sore burn cuts. I am just thankful that Rocky is OK. Hand this morning - cuts looking much better but still very sore....So today I decided I needed another outing. Jumped in the car and drove to the other side of Bristol to see two exhibitions which are part of the North Somerset Arts week (click Here for more details on all the events). In particular I decided to stick to just two textile exhibitions. 08 Textile Group (venue 14b) where there were some lovely pieces - especially Patricia Brownen's jewellery - (click here to go to her website) - I had a lovely chat with Patricia before venturing on to Ashton Court Visitors Centre to see Gordano Textile Artists exhibition. What a stunning collection of work!! I particularly liked this felted vessel, the work on ice and rust by Sally Sparks and the corset based work by Jan Connett (click here for her website). I had a lovely long chat with Jan and purchased a book compiled by her which focuses on life-changing moments - well worth purchasing. On my way home I popped into the Wiltshire Scrapstore and collected a lovely bag of 'stuff' for the princely sum of £2 ! It consists of two huge cones of red thread (wool type), lots of scraps of satin based fabrics, a very long narrow piece of what feels like a satin courtil type fabric, a couple of thick pieces of foam (possibly to make some sort of stamp), a heap of felt flower shapes and the negative shapes - ie the felt pieces from which the flower shapes were cut. I have lots of ideas springing into my mind for using these on a corset/costume but need to find a way of noting the ideas - must practice the drawing sometime. I had a really lovely day out. Now its back to the workroom and more on First Fairy. This is how she looked yesterday afternoon - well on the way.


Bozena Wojtaszek said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.
What a wonderful "bodies" you make, they are great!
And you're welcome to practice your Polish even more :)

Genie said...

Glad to hear you are both ok.
must have been quite a shock.
Lovely work from you as usual Anna
Take care.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I wish you a sppedy recovery from the eefects of your accident. You were so lucky that you and Rocky are alive to tell the tale.
Some great items from the Scrap Store, we dont have one around here.

Christine said...

What a nasty experience but glad to hear the next day was fun - and what great finds! (I do miss our scrap store which lost its core funding and closed.) Those felt pieces look interesting - hope we eventually see what they turn into!

Kim said...

Wow, scary! Glad you are okay, and Rocky too. Nasty shack, that. Good outing though, afterwards.