Monday, April 25, 2011

Oberon is Finished

Happy Easter - hope you are all enjoying the good weather and nice long break.
It has been a long time since I last posted for a couple of reasons - a) life has been 'difficult' again and I have not had any enthusiasm for writing, and b) every time I tried to write my PC shut down - it does not like this blog !

So what have I done recently?

Well I visited the Fashion Museum in Bath on Saturday to see their lovely exhibition of wedding dresses. They have, at last also produced a lovely little booklet showing some of the Treasures of their collection. I had written to the Museum to offer to be a volunteer but they are not taking any more volunteers at the moment - such a shame. I also decided to get a Three Year Season Ticket - this is a brilliant idea - for three whole years you can go to the Fashion museum and the Roman Baths as many times as you like which means every exhibition at the Fashion museum will be free - yippee!! The only problem was that on Saturday they could not issue the season ticket so I had to make a second trip into Bath on Sunday to the Roman Baths to collect the ticket (and obviously have a wander round)! I popped into the Abbey on this trip and had a lovely look at the Abbey Diptychs created by Sue Symons. Bought what I thought was a pack of postcards of all of them only to discover, when I got home, that I only had numbers 13 to 24 - still they are beautiful.Oh - the other news - apart from one minor tweak to be done - Oberon is finally finished.... A couple of other pictures on the 'A Body of Work' blog So now I just need to get on with Mustard seed and First Fairy - they are both well in progress. I have written a course idea so that if Urchfont Manor keep their offer to allow me to exhibit the seven costumes if I came up with a course, I will be ready. If they don't keep their offer I may just set up the course from my home instead if anyone was interested in doing it. Three linked weekends next year. The course is not about making costumes but about the fabrics and surfaces I have created. Now I am off to sit in the sunshine and work on Mustard seed.


jamell1 said...

Beautifully finished and lovely colours.

jamell1 said...

beautiful work. lovely colours

Fiona said...

I too have had (I AM having!!!) tech problems... hopefully a shiney (2nd hand) laptop will be mine very soon! take care.

karin said...

Absolutely stunning.
Can I come to the course! Or will you bring it to me :-)

Angela said...

Oberon looks wonderful! I have a week off work and am hoping to visit the fashion museum myself. I've never been even though it's only down the road, shame on me!! Hope you manage to get your course off the ground :)

Emma said...

The costume & your course sounds great. Maybe I'll visit the museum one day. It's great that we can all visit places thru others & their lovely photos & write ups. Love this blogworld!