Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends. Hope it's a good one for you. I decided not to make resolutions as I always make the same - to lose weight, exercise more (once the knee op is out of the way) etc. This year my family suggested we all write a list of our top 5 wishes - they could be mundane to the ridiculous. Any thing we really would like if it was at all possible - to have or to achieve. Then we would spend the next year trying to achieve these top 5 desires and to help each other achieve their wishes too. My list is currently 12 items long. I did ask my daughter to help choose the top 5 - she did help but only suggesting the top 4. I will not tell you which ones they are but will try to achieve any of these (written in the order I thought of them not the order to achieve them):
  1. Go to New York again
  2. Go to Venice for the carnival
  3. Visit my dear friend Jan
  4. Go Riding
  5. Spend a weekend at a health farm
  6. Dye my hair purple (have it bleached first to make it vivid)
  7. Build a vanity unit and cover the pipes in the downstairs loo
  8. Buy a 'good' orthopaedic mattress
  9. Buy a dress (not had one for years)
  10. Buy some really good quality saucepans
  11. Tile the kitchen
  12. Get a Kindle when they are in colour.
Then there are the four art related wishes - have these every year :-) :
  1. Exhibit my quilts/costumes
  2. Make more costumes
  3. Make some small art pieces to sell (like the cuffs)
  4. Go to the quilt show at the NEC
There I have written them down - now let's see if I achieve any!!
In the meantime I have been following the Sketchbook Challenge with great interest throughout 2011 and have decided to try my hand this year. Click here to get more information. I may not do every months theme but I have decided to try mostly because the January theme is 'doodling' and it means I can zentangle. So what I have done is used my New York skyline picture (see previous posts) and filled it in.... this is it up the right way...
but it also looks good upside down.....
and on its side!!
All look OK but a bit busy - don't think I will use the filled in for anything else.


sharon young said...

Hi Anna, good to see you again, I lost you when Bloglines closed down.
Great idea for a list of goals I think i might do the same, I loved reading your list, thanks for sharing.
Happy NY (both interpretations :-))

Anonymous said...

Godd luck with your wish list.

Gina said...

Happy New Year Anna. I like the idea of a list of ambitions rather than resolutions.

Sarah said...

I like the idea of a wish/to do list - might try it! Hope you achieve all you want to in 2012. Happy New Year!