Saturday, January 14, 2012

A small kick up the butt

My office expected me back to work on Monday 16th but I have been signed off for the week as having had a bad stomach the doctor feels that my knee exercise/recovery has not been going quite as well as we would have liked by this stage.
What I have realised is that when I go back on 23rd Jan I will have been off work for a WHOLE month (except for one day) AND DONE VIRTUALLY NOTHING !! - you see I started my Christmas holiday by finishing work on 22nd Dec and then I went in for the one day back 4th Jan before my operation. If an 'artist' had a WHOLE month with a studio available would they work? YES.
The kick up the butt?? - A week off to do more regular knee exercises, get the stomach back right up to health AND DO SOME ART WORK!! I can take it steady and do art work!! So what am I going to do - well I have some ongoing projects - I need to write myself a TO DO LIST but for now I want to start more projects. So it will actually be a Started project/to finish and to do list combined.
I found this terrible piece of fabric (years old) which I had tried to stamp in the style of Sherrill Kahn (click HERE for her website)
- I thought it rubbish at the time, put it away and now it's time to a) cut it up, b) do some more stamping, c) apply the pieces to black cotton
and d) turn it into a quilt - in the rough style of Mickey Depre (click HERE for her website). There will be no real planning but just getting on with it. To start I will cut it into 16 squares and then cut the squares up into more pieces inspired by Mickey's article in the free ebook from Quilting Arts Magazine (available if you click HERE and register). Whilst working on this I am going to start work on a quilt for next Christmas - YES NEXT CHRISTMAS!!
I received this beautiful Christmas card this year from Jane Lemon
and want to translate it into a quilt.... I have started sourcing some lush silk scrap pieces
but will take my time as I need to a) decide on size, b) enlarge the design, c) source more silk - dye some in the graded colours.
My final colour scheme may not be exactly the same as the card - I am not too sure about the pink on the left - may need to change that to purple (ie swap the two colours over) but I will think it through.

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DIAN said...

It seems that you have spent a good deal of time thinking which s a legitimate way to spend your time.

I hope the excercise and health issues sort themselves out soon.