Saturday, April 20, 2013

One top done

I have had a couple of suggestions that the Great British Sewing Bee has influenced my decision to sew but thankfully and truthfully I can say I have NOT and WILL NOT watch it - I was told about it by a friend who said that the judges are sarcastic towards a skilled sewer and allow badly made clothes to pass through to the next round because 'they are fun'! It was actually Super Scrimpers that reminded me a few weeks ago about cost saving and made me notice how expensive clothes are in the shops - when a young mum was told to make two dresses for her little girls for £10 when she normally spends £30 per dress.

You see I rarely go shopping for clothes.I make costumes which are wearable and look great on my human models!!

So far one of the tops is done and now I remember why I a) don't make my own clothes, b) hate shopping for clothes and c) hate photos of myself!

 I bought the blue fabric as the practice fabric.  The pattern allows far more fabric than required but I went with the suggested quantity, however the pattern is also a bit tight even though I used a size larger than my measurements.
It was  also quite a good thing that I did have more fabric as I tried tried first the small ruffle sleeve

and then the long sleeve - both were horrible

so I left the top as sleeveless.  It looks lovely on the mannequin but a bit tight  and rather dull on me - (difficult to take pic in the mirror) - it may be OK under a cardie - and it definitely encourages me to work much harder to lose more weight and firm up those saggy arms :-).

I will make the white one using two sizes larger and sleeveless but will make the yoke with the tiny pin tucks.

UPDATE:  What I don't understand is that I have found a top in my wardrobe which is exactly the same size and style as the one I have just made but it has sleeves and looks so much better:

So is it something I am doing wrong or is it the fabric - now I think I may try sleeves in the white top.

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DIAN said...

I haven't made any clothes for myself for such a long time. I buy most of my clothes at charity shops.

The fabric looks a little drab (if you don't mind me saying so.

It could use some white to lighten it up I think. Sleeves are good at balancing a garment too.

Good on you for doing this.

I started making a blouse a couple of years ago but even though I went for a larger size I knew once it was cut out that it was simply not going to fit me. Very disappointing.

Looking forward to seeing the white one.