Thursday, February 15, 2007


I do get so cross when computer salesmen persuade 'old' people (who also don't speak very good English) to buy stuff they don't need. It makes my blood boil and I also feel very helpless that I could not have prevented this as I was unaware of what was going on until it was too late. Sorry I have to vent........My dad, bless him, who is 78, Polish (his English has been getting worse as he has been getting older bless) and was a computer expert in his day (when they were so big they filled entire rooms and he lectured in microprocessors), started to have trouble with his home computer. Although I am no expert I do know something about PC's but dad thought he knew what he wanted.

Anyway he decided to find the company who sold him his computer (some 15 years ago!) after much hunting them down (as they have stopped providing computers for the home market!) he drove 50+ miles to see them and was persuaded that he needed a new computer - they have managed to sell him an expensive piece of kit with things like wireless broadband, a multi media centre and an unknown security system suitable for a large organisation and no useful software (like Microsoft office etc)!!!! He even has a headset and webcam (although he is going deaf and can't use the headset) because they told him he would get free phone calls through the Internet!! I only found out a few days ago when he phoned me to ask for my help as he could not get the house phone to work or find some photos he thought were transferred to the new PC !

When I tried to explain even one 'over purchase' for example - wireless- he could not understand - I explained we have wireless because the kids have laptops and can connect to the Internet from the garden or their bedrooms without wires - He has only one PC but thought wireless meant just that - no wires connecting his printers, scanners etc to his PC and can't understand why there are wires!!! It is too late for me to be able to get the kit returned - he should have just gone to PC World or Dixons or Currys and bought something off the shelf! I feel so useless as I can't help him and I know he will have to go back to the supplier for help and they will charge him more and more to try and sort him out..... and there is absolutely NOTHING I can do to help. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

There enough I feel better for having let this out!!!! To help calm myself down I have made this delicious looking drink......... Can you guess what it is???? Fruit ?????? -

Well NO you're wrong!!! It's veg!! A stick of celery, an inch of leek, 1/2 a red pepper, a very large handful of fresh spinach and three tomatoes (with a tiny sprinkle of black pepper) and boy was it delicious. I had planned to have it warm with pasta but could not be bothered to heat it up (it would have been like soup anyway !) but it was so lovely cold - I'm definitely going to make it more often!!

Something else that has cheered me up was today's post - a lovely heart card from Maria - THANKS !

Below are some photos of my latest sample postcard -

It is really difficult to illustrate the texture and colour with the flash - it is red/orange and has been made using the shrink felting method! Enjoy!!

Until tomorrow.......


Doreen G said...

It is wrong how sales people take advantage of the elderly and I imagine your Dad would have been totally confused by the time they had finished.
It is a pity that you cannot take it all back and give them an earful but I suppose that would only make you feel good at the time.
Any how that drink sounds wonderful I love Vegie juice Yummm

Dianne said...

Salesmen who prey on the vulnerable - phooey to them!! That vege drink sounds very yummy, I might have to try it. Your felted pieces look fantastic - wonderful texture you've created.

Susan D said...

I can sympathize with how you feel, a few years ago I was rushed into hospital and when I cam out a few days later my Mum 74 at the time had been talked into changing our electricity supplier and the trouble we had getting back to who we wanted to be with.

You got most of you 5 veg a day in one hit.

I love your piece of felt so colourful.