Sunday, March 11, 2007

On the way back..

Yep I think I am on the way back - I'm sure many of us suffer from 'Mature Sadness' much nicer term than the horrid D word! If you know you are suffering and you can feel yourself slipping down at least you know that you can get yourself out again. It's those who don't know they are there or are not able to come out again that I feel for. Lots of people don't understand that you can be suffering from mature sadness but continue with life in a sort of fashion. It's inside that the struggle is taking place. I can still get up, get dressed - although sometimes I don't make much effort with hair etc. I can go to work - laugh, joke and work hard - so my colleageus have little idea. It creeps up on you in the moments you are alone - alone in the office, alone in the car, alone at home etc. When life becomes too much effort and you really can't be bothered. I would just sleep all day! I'm not on any medication although I do have some tablets in the medicine cabinet, just having them there is enough to know I can use them if I feel the need.
I'd like to say a big Thanks to all those of you who have sent good vibe messages - I may not have responded but I do appreciate it!!

This next bit helped a lot.....

I don't think my son reads this but I would like to thank him too - thanks Terry - for my Christmas present which we had/did on Friday - this Friday just gone - we - that's Terry, Emma my daughter and I - we went to see the musical SPAMALOT!!!!! The day was lovely and sunny, I took a day off work, drove to Emma's house, Terry arrived and we tubed into town. We had a lovely meal sitting outside in Leicester Square, people watching (I like to do this a lot) - under umbrella's with huge heaters!
Then on to the Palace Theatre - I have not laughed so much for such a long time. It was absolutely fantastic. I'd recommend it to any Monty Python fans - not to be missed!!!!! I'd go again!We had brilliant seats and to be with both Terry and Emma at the same time, for the first time since Christmas was just the best! THANKS TERRY.

Terry and I could have stayed at Emma's for the night but we drove home to Wiltshire as Emma was off to Paris at 3am on Saturday morning and Terry had a rugby match to play in Bristol , so it was a bit closer for him to come home - it's all go for them. I'm glad they are both having such fun and busy lives.

You'll have to excuse the bad pictures that follow - I lent my camera to Emma, you can't go to Paris for the weekend without a camera! So the next few pics are scans.....

I decided it was time yesterday it was time to make something. So I made
5 paper/collage ATC's and decorated an old box in a similar technique (to hold my postcard collection) but I can't scan that so you'll have to wait to see a photo.

Then three Postcards with my favourite medium - coke cans - using my technique for working - see my website for more pics. One of these will be posted to Carol Taylor - Carol has invited me to attend the school she teaches at to share my work with some of her students. I can't wait - this is something I love doing - sharing!! Then three ATC's the same.
The remaining pics are two postcards that arrived yesterday
both from Pricilla - one for a Blue and white swap and one for the recycle swap. The amazing thing is the recycle one has a piece of wood attached!! - how the Postal services let that through is great!! THANKS

For those of you who I owe postcards - birthday or swap ones - sorry if I'm late, I will be sending out tomorrow.


Doreen G said...

Welcome back Anna I have missed your blogging and I am glad that you are felling better.

StegArt said...

Hi Anna. I've missed you and hope you are on the road to betterness. I love your coke can cards. Awesome!

Carol said...

Oh my god Anna! I love these cards you are a toal angel. It will go on the wall of fame for sure ( I have a display in my classroom) I can't wait till you come down!

Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Anna,
Glad your back.The postcards with the metal looks gorgeous. Do you break a lot of needles on this? Or isn't it that sharp?

Dianne said...

Anna, I'm so glad you're back!! I've been missing you and your lovely creations!! All of your cards are wonderful - and LOVE the metal heart ATC's!

Angelcat said...

Anna, it's so good to see you back again. I have been missing looking at all of your fab creations.

arlee said...

anna, i know that feeling and am glad you're back--it's hard not to give in sometimes to it, but the art helps---the coke can pieces are wonderful, thank you for the inspiration, artwise and mood wise :}