Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yet more lovely stuff

Still feeling low with no idea why. Or at least I think there are so many things not quite going right at the moment that I feel low. My day job is frustrating and hard at present. My health is rubbish - I am now on 4 different tablets to get the Bp down without success and my weight is just going up! The Doctor was really sweet the other day - well if you can say by saying 'you are only 47 it would be nice if we could get you to live a few more years' is sweet!! I knew what he meant but it did not exactly come out right and I wanted to either hit him or cry!! I seem to be having all the side effects listed on the leaflets with all these drugs in quadruplicate, if that makes sense eg 'the sleep disturbed night' is now almost no night sleep at all, 4 x the nausea etc etc!!

The one thing that does cheer me up and in some peculiar way gives me hope is that I am meeting such lovely creative people on line!

For example Elaine of Stitch Therapy. Elaine is extremely talented and extremely generous. I received a lovely package - a belated birthday card which is just awesome. I have spent the last hour - yes HOUR looking at it in detail. There is so much work in it - I am just overwhelmed (sorry I cried!!) .Not only was there this card in the package but Elaine had included a piece of the most delicate pastel nuno felt some dyed fabric (including a divine piece of velvet) and a couple of UTEE charms, all tied together with a piece of pink net !WOW! The note said 'for your doll making' and guess what...... I have been looking at these pieces with just that in mind!!! She could be a delicate fairy/spirit doll as I've not made any for a while.... I can feel the need to make one!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!In yesterday's post was my copy of the book Finding Your Own Visual Language by Jane Dunnewold, Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan. I started reading it last night - I did not flick through as I usually do and start again, this time I just began at the beginning - keeping that anticipation of what was to come. At first I found it inspiring - one section has so many exercises (most of which I have already done many times on various courses) and I had thought the rest of the book would continue in the same vein, but as I got further along I found there were no more 'exercises' but lots of thought provoking passages - questions you should ask yourself as you work. The other package in the post was this...... I have purchased 15 bottles of Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Inks from USA via Ebay - such a bargain price - the 15 cost the same sum as one set of three would be here in UK in a traditional shop!!!
I am going to experiment with these on the washers as the labels say they can be used on metal. If they work I will have a lovely colour range in my notebook!!!.
The colours have such delightful names I have:

Cabin Cupboard - Caramel - Ginger - Latte
Tuscan Garden - Red Pepper - Mushroom - Oregano

Cottage Path - Meadow - Slate - Currant
Farmer's Market - Cranberry - Lettuce - Eggplant
Nature Walk - Butterscotch - Stream -Wild Plum

They all sound delicious and are my sort of colours - keep your fingers crossed that they work this time!


arlee said...

Sending you hugs dear :} ((()))

Susan D said...

I can sympathise with you. I've had high BP since the beginning of 2001, a gynae op I was supposed to have had to be cancelled because it was dangerously high. I'm on 3 plus a water tablet because one of the others makes my feet swell. I've always had a weight problem and my Dr more or less said the same thing lose weight if you want to live to a good age but then they don't give you help losing it do they. Just a thought but could you be starting the dreaded change????

Sandy said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling good and reacting to the medicine. I do no matter what I take, luckily, don't often need any. Our art certainly keeps us going. SAndy

Quilt Pixie said...

I must say I sympathize. hang in there, some days it all just feels so overwhelming... I am fortunate to have a family dr. who understands my concern is balancing a long life with a quality of life, so doesn't "hassle" me about some things.

Papoosue said...

You poor thing, I hope it all gets sorted out soon for you.

Doreen G said...

Lots of hugs Anna and just hang in there.
All those alcohol inks should look good on the washers can't wait to see how they turn out.
Great gifts you received also.

Dianne said...

Thinking of you from across the ocean Anna!!

Susan said...

Here's to hoping you are feeling better soon. In the meantime, you're in my thoughts and prayers.
PS Thanks for the comments on my blog!