Saturday, October 18, 2008

Klimt Update

Before I show you the latest sample I would like to thank all of you who send good wishes for my interviews. It was hard rushing between them yesterday - I had just under an hour to drive some 40 odd miles with two sets of major roadwork traffic lights to pass. I made it if in a rush and the second interview started with several tests - I was shaking with having rushed and am not used to doing tests on a small laptop. Anyway I will hear by Tuesday if I will get a second interview at either place. If I do then it's more tests!! I have also applied for several more positions so hope to hear about alternate interviews. Unfortunately I have had to drop my salary expectations drastically so that I can just get a job (being unemployed is tough) and then things will still be very tough even if I do get a job. Oh Anna Stop moaning - you have your health and your family and your art and your friends, etc.etc!!!!

Now how far have I got with Klimt..... I cut out several spirals and have applied them to my sample - I think I am losing the essence of Klimt with these.... Top left zig zag on the machine - just outside edge
Top right straight stitch through the centre - this one would defiantly need the edges painting.
Mid Left - a sort of cross stitch
Mid Right - hand stitched in a loose stem stitch
Bottom left - hand appliqued with a fine thread and then outlined with stem stitch
Bottom Right - a button hole stitch from one side using five strands of machine thread.

I am not sure I like any - what do you think????

This is not really like me - the not jumping straight in to a finished piece. I am now going to do two things:
i) make a machine cord (I have done miles in the past and love making them) to try applying in a different style and
ii) going to play in my Klimt sketchbook - yep, another fall of your seat thought - Anna working in a sketchbook!!! Almost unheard of but I keep looking through the bits I did on the Sandra Meech course and like the paper bits I have so I need to do more but in my book.

For once I will let the idea brew before working on a piece!!


Kayla coo said...

Hi, This is interesting, seeing how you have developed this piece.
You could try couching in gold metallic threads.
lovely work.x

Carol said...

Oh AnnaI do hope you get one of them, I know how hard it is even in work at the mo, my hubby doesn't earn much and we are only just making the ends meet.
As for the piece, I am drawn to the one in the middle with the sorta cross stitch, it is lovely to look at. I like Kayla's metallic thread idea too.

Julie said...

Fingers crossed that it's good news on the job front.

I like the top left and bottom right but maybe it would depend on the project as to which would work best.

Jackie said...

I like the way you experiment with fabrics and threads, I just playsae. One thing I noticed aboutKlimt when I went t the exhibition was that there were quitelarge areeas with no patern and then some intense blocks of pattern.
Good luck with the job must be nerve wracking.