Sunday, August 02, 2009

Many projects at once

Is it because I am a Gemini - the butterfly of the zodiac or some other reason - that I like to start things and then end up with a pile of stuff that needs working on or finishing. I love starting new projects when the inspiration strikes but if I have to wait for: paint to dry, or ironing to cool I lose interest and go on to start something new.

What have I got on the go now (at least the items I can actually see in this mess of a studio)?
  1. Klimt bodice - needs raising texture and putting together

  2. Texture book (Scrapbooking but not as we know it) - Volume 2 large and Volume 3 small currently in the process of being put together. The small volume 3 will probably be the giveaway I have planned - belated birthday and 500 blog posting (only one post to go!!) giveaway - possibly next weekend. - See below quick note on the progress of Volume 3 small.

  3. Waste Not Waistcoat - still on the mannequin for inspirational stitching, possibly more paint later.

  4. 7 Fairy costumes from Mid Summer Nights Dream - 1 complete (Moth), 1 almost finished (Cobweb), 1 in the material choosing stage (design work still in progress) (Titania), remaining 4 just in my head at the moment.

  5. The Fool bodice - pic below - still in these pieces - awaiting inspiration.

So today I started yet another project...... right now it looks similar The Fool - I found this pile of long strips of fabric, obviously from an old idea that never happened. I wove them together - looks quite nice but not integrated enough for me so I covered it with this fibre (unidentified substance - I have several colours purchased ages ago from Birmingham market at pence per metre - think it may be a similar fibre to lutrador but I have no idea. Looks a bit better. The whole piece measures 150cm x 50cm enough to make a Corset - but now I need to decide what I do next? Do I print on it - if so what and what colour, do I free machine - what design, do I hand stitch texture? Do I do that first before cutting out or do I cut out and see what happens. I hate this - I should think things through more. Although if I think things through, like Mid Summer, they take far too long as I think too much. ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHH

Quick update on Scrapbooking Volume 3 small..... Needed a cover - so I took the off cuts from Waste Not Waistcoat, patched them together, painted and then hand stitched... The beads are only around the joining in of the first page.

There enough for now - back to work... (or shall I just sit here and think about the outstanding projects and the projects to come ?????).


arlee said...

....and we never get to click on your photos to see all the detail....:(

Elizabeth said...

I am living a parralel life Anna!! I am a Gemini as well and I ahve such a hard time planning things. It ell myself that I should journal all of my ideas and plan them and I try to start journals but don't want to take the time. When I get the inspiration, I want to create it IMMEDIATELY- hence piles of projects in progress- Thank God for deadlines!!

Love your lists and the pictures of progress!!