Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can't keep up with myself

This morning I realised that my creative spirit is back with a vengeance! Yippee!! If only I did not have to look for a real job!! I have two lists 1) current in progress projects and 2) ideas (flowing thick and fast!).

1) Current in progress projects:
a)Titania - bodice complete, small ruff complete, Rebato currently - 2nd lot of wire stitched and ready for shaping. b) Oberon - currently at planning stage
c) Fool Bodice - still at same stage as posted HERE.
d) Waste Not Waistcoat - still at same stage as posted HERE.
e) Red/Gold Bodice - is now looking more like a bodice than it did HERE. I have chosen the threads I am going to use for hand stitching (note - not the blue or silver ones!) f) Zentangle bodice - front panel still work in progress - this is time consuming and needs a lot of concentration!
g) Black/Shot bodice - working on again today!!
h) A small 'scrapbook' in the style of the ones described HERE ready for January 25th when we start the One World One Heart giveaway see the Tab on the right for more information.

Perhaps I should at least finish one of the above - H is quite urgent so that may be worked on later this afternoon when hand sewing is the order of the day!!
2) Ideas
Well that would be telling !! - Suffice it to say there are several ideas floating in my head (really need to get them documented) including three more bodices! One to be made from green velvet and gold organza, one called 'tattered hearts' and a rusty one. Here is a little about the last one. Yes I have done more rust dyeing in the last few days. Here are the packages I took out of the airing cupboard this morning.... the two cans looked like this before unwrapping and like this when unwrapped and like this when washed - even after only 3 days dyeing you can see the rust has eaten right through the fabric in places..... as you can see the can has not much life left but hey I will still use it!! The other package contained the stuff I want to use for the idea I have mentioned. You remember the horrid lace I used for Titania's small ruff? Well I have loads and loads of it so I cut a strip and thought rust dyeing. Here is is before unwrapping from around the rusty item. Unwrapped..... washed.. you can see the lovely colour variations.... this just must go onto a bodice don't you think??


Jan said...

Great effect ,from the rust dye on the Jan xx(The other Serendipity!)

Garnered Stitches said...

Is it the time of year/weather/or seeing what other pepole are doing? I too have had a bit of a creative spert over the last few days. It feels so good!
After seeing your rust results I have two cans in a wet plastic bag trying to get them rusty so I can rust some fabric. It's working but slowly, glad to see once they are ready the fabric shouldn't take so long to rust dye.
Enjoying watching the bodices evolve.
best wishes